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Hi everyone! Despite this, a resistance to teaching it persists, ostensibly due to taboo and a blind allegiance to the status quo in medicine. Valid through April 5th Also, we are still very much accepting and looking for new contributions.

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However, due to changes Google made to their services, our form is not working currently. In stead, drop us a line if you want to contribute. We would greatly appreciate it!

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It is currently done for about thirty percent. We do not have a fixed publication date yet, but we are hoping to publish before the end of the year. Of course volume one is still available as well for just EUR 49, Limited time offer! Be sure to get your copy now for just 37,49 EUR! Order a copy! Many thanks to all brave women who contributed to this and all panels. We could not have done it without you! Be sure to get your copy now for just 39,99 EUR! After many years of hard work, collaboration with many people across the globe and a few technical setbacks, it is finally here.

The first volume of Gynodiversity: an illustrated atlas of female genital variation. It is available as a hardcover book consisting of glossy, full-colour s. It contains unique women in different photos printed in life size. You can find more information on our website or order your copy right now for just 49,99 EUR Your vagina tumblr the link below. Preview the book.

Order a copy. Whether we like it or not, tumblr will not allow our content anymore after December 17th. Because we have over followers that we do not want to lose here on tumblr we love you all dearlywe had to come up with a solution to keep going, keep our followers informed and keep tumblr moderators happy. As of now, we will start hosting all our new and Your vagina tumblr panels on our own website and in better quality than here on tumblr.

Meanwhile, we will keep posting all our future panels here on tumblr in a censored, SFW manner. We have edited all our ly posts to make them SFW as well. Each new and updated post will contain a link to the uncensored version of the panel on our website.

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We will also continue using tumblr to keep Your vagina tumblr of you posted on new developments regarding Gynodiversity. For example the release date for our upcoming coffee table book and information on how to order your copy. We are looking forward to publishing lots more panels in the future and hope to welcome all of you to our website soon.

One more thing. We gave the woman in our header image a nice pair of granny panties, just to be sure we will not offend anyone…. Recently, Tumblr announced it will no longer allow sensitive content as of December 17, That means that our project cannot continue here on Tumblr.

We are currently looking for a suitable alternative that will allow sensitive content. Does anyone have suggestions? Of course our website will remain the same. As will our presence on flickr and Twitter. Also, our coffee table book is still in progress, with a release date somewhere in From now on we will only post SFW mosaic versions of our panels here on tumblr.

We will host the uncensored versions on our own website and include the link here.

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If you have a minute to spare, please read this and this petition! Order now!

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Many thanks to all women who contributed to this and panel. We may have to move… Recently, Tumblr announced it will no longer allow sensitive content as of December 17,

Your vagina tumblr

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