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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Article Video games can make people do some crazy things, but what this League of Legends LoL gamer did to his girlfriend is a new flavor of Xj9 girlfriend images.

And it happened because she chose to play as a character he didn't like. In an interview with League 5 on Sept. XJ9 was ultimately banned by Riot Games, the creator of LoL, and Twitch, a livestreaming service focused around gaming. I acted rash. That's not who I am.

I beg of the community and of Riot to give me one last chance. I wholeheartedly apologize for my actions. I apologize to my fans for not being the Xj9 girlfriend images model I should have been. I just want to come back into the game and be a different person.

Sometime over the next three weeks, he found his current girlfriend, Sarah, playing as the LoL character Lee Sin, one he hated because he felt it gave players an unfair advantage in battle. To get back at her, XJ9 posted nude photos of her on his public Facebook. Revenge porn—posting graphic images of others online without their consent—is not illegal in most U. California recently ed a bill outlawing the act although activists argue that it fails to protect most revenge-porn victims and New Jersey has a related law that makes posting secretly recorded photos or videos a felony.

Finally, a fellow LoL player named Destiny threatened to release his personal information online if he didn't remove the pics. This confrontation was recorded on video Wednesday. At about is when XJ9 begins to explain his logic. My opinion tl;dr Now, there is nothing for me to say, I just find it hilarious because he never met his girlfriend.

They had a distance relation through internet. He also hacked his girlfriends LoL and lost 5 rounds on purpose. And by losing 5 rounds, that could cost her a lot.

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Go to his official Facebook ! Intel k 4. This guy deserves to be pushed off a cliff. Also I'm sad because I was excited for n00ds. Girlfriends are annoying, they just are mostlybut never in any circumstance, no matter how much any of them decide to screw with me, would I post any sort of nude pictures of them anywhere.

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If you even have that sort of picture, it is clearly only between the two of you. Nothing changes that, even if the girl does something terrible. Nothing gives a person the right to share something like that publicly. No one has the right to even share that sort of thing privately, it doesn't matter whether the act Xj9 girlfriend images posting revenge pictures are legal or not.

It is morally wrong. Yay, this clearly wasn't a repost also Linus is looking. I have yet to see this in Dota. Looks like someone would rather fondle a mouse and keyboard than have a meaningful relationship. This piece of trash is a disgrace to my gender and humankind in general. What a loser. This is pretty funny. I'd thought he would shut down his Facebook and any social connections after thisbut no. Give this guy a round of applause for not hiding but instead standing up like a man.

Beyerdynamic DT Where can I find these pictures, I "don't believe" this story. So many things I could write here Setup: i5 k 4. By rubendelope Started 10 minutes ago Posted in Programming. By alimoncul Started 14 minutes ago Posted in Troubleshooting. By Gfurr2 Started 17 minutes ago Posted in Displays. By nelska Started 37 minutes ago Posted in Displays.

By flyp Started 39 minutes ago Posted in Displays. Existing user? Or in with one of these services in with Twitter.

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in with Microsoft. in with Google. in with Steam.

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in with Discord. By Excon October 17, in Off Topic. Posted October 17, Link to post Share on other sites. Moron chooses video games over sex. Darwin at work. Problem solved. Art VandelayExyn0sT. Vengeance and 18 others Like Loading I soooo hate this kind of gamers. Yun4xGaming and Beskamir Like Loading The pictures weren't even that bad.

I am good at computer Spoiler. I think the wierd thing here is am not surprised. What is wrong with people I thought the pictures were taken down? Girlfriends are annoying. This is just messed up. He sounds like that doesn't get to play computer games.

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Hopefully the girl leaves his loser ass and the community shuns him completely. Lock him up. Throw the key away, done. CwGoh and Kilerbomb Like Loading On Facebook. Wow, this guy's really immature. I feel bad for his girlfriend. Posted October 19, Boobies are better than video games IMO. Theo Like Loading Lol that lol player has been banned for years. That is really really sad What a low life. Dustruction Like Loading This topic is now closed to further replies. Followers 1. Go to topic listing Off Topic.

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Xj9 girlfriend images

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