Wife talks about ex lovers

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Is it possible to be friends with your ex without it affecting a new relationship?

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The reason is that whatever you had with that person will echo in your current relationship. Memories you shared with that person will linger around you. The faint memories of your relationship will cast the shadow over your current one you should be focusing on.

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Your new partner should feel special like they are the only person you love. The experiences you had with this person will stay with you forever. So, talking to an ex while in a relationship will only make matters more worse for you. And if you decide to talk to your ex while being with someone else, then what will happen if you are suddenly caught up in a sacrificing situation? Who will you prioritize if your ex suddenly needs you?

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Whose feelings do you sacrifice? At the same time, you are being unfair to your new partner by reminding them that they are not special. It also states that your loyalty is divided. You have already experienced a love that you thought would never end, and that past love still exists in your life.

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If you are truly ready to invest yourself in your new relationship, if you truly love them, you owe them a clean slate — a relationship where your love is unique and irreplaceable and not a love that came after the one you had before.

You must completely let go of your past since talking to an ex while in a relationship is not such a good idea. Delete their before your current partner feels like they should ask you to do it.

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If you face difficulty in letting go, then you must step back and figure out how you really feel. If you wish to start a happy relationship with your current partner, then you must get to know the essential characteristics of being happy in a relationship. Your ex is your past, and that is where they should stay. What if your ex still has feelings for you?

And if they do, they will always be hinting at getting back together or mention how they miss being with you. This may divert your attention, and you will lose focus from your current relationship. All in all, staying in touch with your ex is not a good option for you, and you must try your best to Wife talks about ex lovers on.

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