Why do teens wear diapers

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter xzigo Start date Sep 21, Messages 31 Role Diaper Lover. Hi guys! Share your stories. CookieMonstah Est. I was never but would've loved to and with my children I'd be relaxed and allow it for things like long journeys driving, flyingplaces where a bathroom is hard to get to or they're gonna be disgusting.

Also around the house maybe. There'd be rules and Why do teens wear diapers as well. Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. Wore them to bed every night. Messages Role Diaper Lover. Don't know if it counts or not, but I wore to bed every night til I was 13 due to me wetting the bed everynight.

My family all knew of it. Inconinmiss Est. In any case, I did in fact wear as a teenager. Messages Age 51 Role Diaper Lover. I wore due to bedwetting until age 8ish. Family knew about it. Was not a big deal. Messages Role Incontinent. Wore them at night until early teens as I peed my bed - terry nappies and plastic pants then. Messages 2, Role Diaper Lover.

AvatarCaleb Diapered Toddler. I wet the bed until I was a freshman in high school. I wore them every night and my entire immediate family knew as well as some close friends and my cousin who is my same age. I liked just how normal it was. Everyone expected me to wear them and no one mined if they saw them peaking up over the waistband of my PJ's. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that time. I did not realize how special it was until I was finally bedtime potty-trained. I also think that is why I like cloth-backed diapers. As a baby I used plastic-backed, but all of my pull-ups were cloth-backed and I think that cloth-backed diapers and other adult protective undergarments give me a sense of familiarity.

Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover. Click to expand Mattew Est. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Carer. AvatarCaleb said:. Mattew said:. Did you wear Goodnites, or adult styled pull-ups? Quantumpresbyterian Contributor. Messages 16 Role Diaper Lover. I've been a DL since when I was just out of diapers at age 3. Maybe because I was envious of my little sis who is 2. As I wasn't much embarrassed about the dl-subject at this age, I had Pampers on my wish list for birthdays and Xmas.

So lucky me I received those multiple times. Last edited: Sep 23, Messages 95 Role Incontinent. When I was a kid my dad got me into motocross. At 14 I was really quite good except I had no fear which led to a pretty bad accident on the track. I broke both wrists and had severe injury to my neck and back. When I was in the hospital i was put into one of those traction beds and I remember the catheter. It was quite embarrassing as people wound visit. I went home after two bad weeks with casted arms and a Why do teens wear diapers back brace with that neck attachment.

I could not really move my upper body. Although this happened in the summer I was out for a for a month of school. When I left the hospital the nurse put a diaper on me. I dont remember protesting at all as the catheter was out. My mom as a matter of convenience kept me in diapers the whole time i had the brace. Many days just the brace and a diaper with a huge shirt and pants.

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It sucked. A few months later I was able to go to a smaller brace that was much better. I had become so used to just doing my stuff in the diaper is was unable to break out of it. I eventually did but was in diapers for my sophomore year. A few friends knew but thought is was because of the accident and did not make any fun of it. I wore diapers that I purchased since age Initially, my parents threw my diapers out must have been thousands of them over several years - what a waste.

By the time I was 16, they gave up fighting me and allowed me to wear. I didn't push it and really wear openly, but I was glad that they were no longer throwing out my diapers.

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DLJes Est. Messages 71 Role Diaper Lover. I wore diapers when I was for bed wetting.

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Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. Spent the summer of 74 in diapers as punishment, t-shirt and diaper was all I was allowed to wear, by the end of summer I was so used to just using my diaper I had to wear to school in the fall until I re-potty trained.

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PinkBunny Contributor. Messages 1 Role Little. I overslept and my mom walked in on me fast asleep wearing a very wet pull up and nothing else, at first she was really concerned, she sent me to go take a shower and get ready. I came back from my shower and my mom had laid out my school uniform along with a fresh pair of pull ups. I was really embarrassed she said we would talk after school, later that day she sat me down and talked to me about it, she was okay with me wearing them since it was just the two of us at home most of the time, dad travels a lot for work.

She took me out shopping for diapers, pull ups, some pjs little girl ones a couple of toddler toys, sippy cups and Why do teens wear diapers. She told me if I was going to be a 2 year old she would treat me like one, but I still had to go to school, get good grades, be a good girl, in return she would pay and help me be the two year old I yearned to be. Messages 10, Role Diaper Lover. My aunt diapered me regurarly during my stays at her place during my childhood every second or third week. Put me in disposable p which she inserted inside snap on plastic pants. PJ or long onesie over them Always during illness or being tired after all day heavy activity.

She always massage my body with baby oil or cream. It was so relaxing! She mentioned me about this with question did I remember about it last year.

Why do teens wear diapers

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Teens Wearing Diapers: Why and What to Do