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Arterbery drew on her own experience and that of professionals in fashion and media to explore the role of cornrows in contemporary American society. Readers responded on Facebook and on nytimes. Here is a selection of comments. Read the full article and the comments here.

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Either white girls will dislike your hair and ridicule it, or they will like it and try to imitate it. You already know how painful the first one was. I am genuinely sorry that those mean girls gave you such a hard time for a hairstyle, which was actually very cool. But the girls who are now wearing cornrows are not the same girls who ridiculed you for wearing them. To blame them is the same sort of racism that blames Trayvon Martin for black-on-black crime.

The women who like your hairstyle are your friends. The women who hated your hairstyle were your enemies.

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They are not the same people just because they have the same skin color. The question should be why is it that when a black girl wears them, the description changes to ghetto, while when a white girl wears them, it is either trendy or high fashion.

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There are real stories of little black girls who are suspended from their schools for wearing cornrows. That is why white people need to leave cornrows alone. The argument seems to be that because cornrows are so closely associated with African culture, they ought to be restricted to African-Americans in the United States. Dance styles would have to go back a hundred years.

White people could only paint pictures of other whites. The logic that elements of black culture are only for black people suggests that white culture is only for white people.

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I wonder what our civilization would be like if people simply rejected foreign customs and traditions for no better reason than their foreignness. Not to minimize the roots of your irritation, but to be annoyed with cornrows on white girls is also to be annoyed with the fact that cultures grow and mutate. However, to have it done professionally takes too much time and money.

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I am white; When I asked about it, they thought I was the coolest teacher in town. With our part-Jewish heritage, half of the men and women in my family have very tightly curled hair. My white brother wore an Afro, about two inches puffed out — because he could. Native Americans, Greeks, Romans and Celtic Irish art have depicted people in cornrows as long as 1, years ago. It goes beyond hair. White chicks cornrows, butt, clothes. I was the only person of noncolor to be seen. One day, some of my girlfriends wanted to put cornrows in my hair.

It took hours, and it did not look good on me, so came out when I got home. But, in that moment, it was an act of kindness because I fit into that neighborhood. I was part of the lifeguard team that represented that summer fun was open and they were safe. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles.

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