What is a pillow biter

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And thank you! Address:. me up! He was I am warmly indebted to my old friend and political compadre Simon Titley for reminding me that it was thirty four years tomorrow that the leader of the then Liberal Party in the UK, now the Lib DemsJeremy Thorpe, was acquitted of the attempted murder of his alleged homosexual lover, Norman Scott, in a sensational trial that effectively ended his career and transfixed the nation for weeks. As a politician Jeremy Thorpe was a one-off. Not many political leaders of the day would What is a pillow biter consorted with Jimi Hendrix.

Norman Scott, a former male model, met Thorpe in while working as a stable lad. He later claimed that he and Thorpe had had a homosexual relationship between andwhen homosexual acts were illegal in Britain. Scott, however, continued to make the allegations. When the case came before Exeter Crown court, in MarchScott said that the gun jammed and that Newton then drove off, leaving him alone beside the dead dog. But Newton always maintained that his intention was only to frighten Scott, who, he alleged, possessed incriminating photographs of Newton. In any event, Newton was convicted for the illegal possession of a firearm and an intent to endanger life.

During his court appearance, Scott repeated his claims of a relationship with Thorpe, and alleged that Thorpe had threatened to kill him if he spoke about their affair. Scott also sold letters to the press which he claimed to be love letters from Thorpe. Andrew Newton was released from prison in Apriland then revived the scandal by claiming that he had, in fact, been hired to kill Norman Scott. On 4 AugustThorpe was accused along with David Holmes deputy Treasurer of the Liberal PartyGeorge Deakin a night club owner and businessman John Le Mesurier neither the actor nor the athletics coach of conspiracy to murder.

Thorpe was also separately accused of inciting Holmes to murder Scott. However, Thorpe was narrowly defeated. Thorpe and the three other accused were put on trial at One Court at the Old Bailey on 8 Maya week after Thorpe had lost his seat.

Thorpe was charged with attempted murder and, along with the other three defendants, conspiracy to murder. One of the chief prosecution witnesses was former Liberal MP and failed businessman Peter Bessell, who claimed to have been present while the murder plot was discussed within the Liberal Party. One alleged plan had been to shoot Scott in Cornwall and dispose of the body down a disused tin mine shaft. Thorpe did not testify in the case, but his counsel, led by George Carman QC, argued that, although he and Scott had been friends, there had been no sexual relationship.

The four defendants were all acquitted on 22 June Click the screen below. Not only is it gut-churningly laugh-out-loud funny, but it remains one of the most culturally ificant uses of satire in the second half of the 20th century, and is an example, should an example be needed, of the vital role that free-speaking and What is a pillow biter comedians play in pressing our culture and democracy. Oh, and pillow biter? Simply a brilliant piece of comedy and social comment.

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The name of the blog says it all, really. It's the thin line between reality and fantasy. It's the thin line between sanity and madness.

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It's the crazy things that make us think, laugh and scream in the dark. Rosie Waterland is a writer based in Sydney. She finds her own jokes particularly hilarious. If life's about the journey, does it matter how many bathroom breaks you take along the way? Home All About The Author. Stay updated via RSS.

Search Us Here! Bet you don't know where the term "Pillow Biter" comes from? Well, hell, why not? Warning, explicit photography; work warning. Oh Frabjous day! Game of Thrones returns! And with it, new talent Saudi authorities behead another woman - warning, graphic image.

Ten best ever sex scenes - "Black Swan" tops poll. Dancing with the Stars is not quite the same in Argentina as it is in, er, anywhere else. Warning: not office safe content. Well, depends on your office, I 'spose. Leading Sunni authority calls for IS fighters to be crucified. They were guillotined 75 years ago today. And they deserve remembering. Sporting commentary - the worst bloopers ever.

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What is a pillow biter

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