What is a dutch rudder

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Having someone complete the act of masturbation by pulling up and down on the forearmwhile the male holds his own penis.

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To put your penis in someone's ass and lead them around the room. When you stick your hand up somebody's ass, grab their tailboneand lead them around the room - much like steering a sailboat.

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This can also be done by using a butt plug with a handle on it, but is then called a dutch tugboat. When a man get a hand shandy from a lady but he controls the pace at which her hand moves by holding her hand. Or it could be the other way around. When a guy jerks another guy off by moving the guy's arm while he technically you hold your own dick. A technique created so guys can jerk each other off without feeling gay. When you hold your dick with your own hand and someone moves your arm, effectively jacking you off. Noun - Halfway between masturbation and a handjob.

What is dutch rudder? SnackCake gave Tonkin a Dutch Rudder, because they are two freaky people who like to try new things.

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I'll give you a dutch rudder and we'll look like we're conga dancing. I put some swifters on Leif's clogs before giving him a Dutch Rudder. Living room floor was clean in about an hour! She totally gave me a Dutch Rudder. Or did I give it to myself?

Either way, it was great! I'm not gay! I only gave him a dutch rudder, it's not like I touched his dick. The dutch rudder is an effective way to shoot white stuff. SpinalTapp gave me the ole' dutch rudder one summer up on brokeback.

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