Wayside school todd and maurecia kiss

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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Season One. Pull My Pigtail Maurecia telling Todd that she understands what happened and didn't want him to be forced to fall for her.

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Maurecia giving Todd a pat on the shoulder instead of punching him. The students holding a big party for Principal Kidswatter, even if he thought it was all a plot against him. Honours Class Todd comforting Maurecia. Cabbage my Boy Dana and Maurecia telling Todd that the class is his family.

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Myron giving Todd Leafy. Maurecia: I think that I shall never face, a pile of mush with such a taste. Yet yumminess overrated. Sometimes the best foods created by one who knows not cooking art but makes her food with lots of heart. Myron : about the trophy It's in the bag. Look at this new photo album I made of us.

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I used the other ones for my old pictures of Todd. Season Two. Kidswatter revealing that Myron is his hero.

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Wayside Christmas Myron finally realizing what a jerk he's been and throwing the class a Christmas party and giving Bebe his present to make up for not buying her one. Free Stewy Todd and Maurecia befriending Stewy. Snow Day Todd and Maurecia realizing that they were both in the wrong and Todd proclaiming Myron as the king after he saves them all.

Myth of Nick The flashback that reveals that Louis is Nick has him saying he loves Wayside so much, he never wanted to leave.

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Slow Mo Mo Maurecia taking her friends to the schoolyard so they can all be first together. Upside Down John The gang sitting upside down with John.

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Le Race Kidswatter and Myron eating a donut and laughing. Imperfect Attendance Dana deciding to help her friends instead of beating her attendance record. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Wayside school todd and maurecia kiss

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Todd and Maurecia❤️