Turkey baster douche

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When it comes to trying anal play, one of the biggest concerns people often have is cleanliness. You might want to try anal douching — the process of flushing out the rectum and anal canal with water or solution. While douching is not a necessity or requirement for engaging in anal play or anal sex, the process is fairly simple. Enema bulbs are probably the most common and safe method for anal douching.

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They are a small, oval-shaped silicone bulb, with a thin, tapered plastic nozzle tip about the width of a crayon attached. They sort of resemble a turkey baster and work similarly. Once or twice a week is usually fine. You generally want to douche with as little liquid as possible. Douching with large amounts of water can create an electrolyte imbalance. To mitigate this risk, there are a couple of other options. For one, you can purchase a simple saline solution at a drugstore or online retailer. Saline solutions can help to keep the rectum safer from distruption to the electrolytes and general anal environment.

Another option is the Future Method douching kit Turkey baster douche, which comes with a specially formulated solution. When using an enema bulb, you should also be mindful of the volume of liquid no more than six oz. Goldstein, a pioneer in the modern field of sexual health and wellness, tells O. Fleet enemas are basically single-use douching kits that you can buy at the drugstore.

Fleet enemas typically come two or four in a box, each a squeezable bottle with a pre-lubricated comfort nozzle tip, filled with a saline enema solution.

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They can only be used once though, which can become expensive and wasteful. The process of using Fleet enemas is similar to bulb enemas.

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Medical professionals tend to advise against making and using homemade douches. As Dr. Goldstein tells O. In addition, they may leave the skin of the anal canal susceptible to micro-cuts and tears. Many people are concerned that there may be remaining particles from their last bowel movement.

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Some folks say they douche their anus because it helps them to feel more relaxed, confident, and in-the-moment, when the time comes. If douching makes you feel more confident and clean, power to you. That said, even without douching, the chances of encountering any ificant amount of stool during anal play are actually fairly low. According to Dr. Goldstein, unless you feel like your butt is about ready to blow, your stool actually hangs out in the sigmoid colon.

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This space is located, above and to the side of the part of the rectum where one would actually be penetrated. Whether you choose to anal douche or not is entirely up to you. But if you do choose to anal douche, knowing how to do it properly and safely is so important. Jamie J. All Topics. How To Anal Douche Learning how to douche safely can make butt play more fun.

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How To Anal Douche. By Jamie LeClaire. Jamie LeClaire.

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Turkey baster douche

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How To Anal Douche