Total drama island game best game ever

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Forums - The Lost Media Wiki. Reply Best. Hello, this is my first ever post on this site.

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I mostly created an here just to make this topic. So, i'm a huge fan of a show that I don't know how many people here like, but i'm sure most of you have heard about it at least once. It's called Total Drama. Back in , and earlythe show used to have a fun game called "Best.

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In May ofCartoon Network removed the game from their website, and the game has been lost media ever since. If anyone here has any copy of it, or knows how to get a copy of it, that would be really cool and would help the Total Drama fandom a lot. Here's a about the game where you can learn everything about it, including the gameplay.

It also has lots of images. There are other lost Total Drama related things, such as an exclusive clip of Total Drama Island season 1 where Izzy tells a scary story to the campers, and another exclusive clip of Total Drama Pahkitew Island season 6 where Chris talks about the cast this clip was actually available on the internet in Italian, however it has been removed since then and nobody saved it.

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I'm sure these 2 clips are never going to be found, however, I have some hope that at least the "Best Game Ever" game will be found, since it used to be pretty popular when it was still available. Posts: Even if someone had the game cache'd on an older machine, I don't think you could extract anything from it. I actually played it. Not religiously but only when I liked an episode after it aired. I have never liked TDA but it had some tolerable episodes. Aug 9, GMT meditate03 said:. Aug 14, GMT thedipdap said:. If this game has any sort of online requirement like I think it does, the files are salted between different servers that don't exist anymore.

These kinds of games have checks and balances between each server. I tried to see if using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine site would work and I managed to get to the for the game itself but it says to install Flash even though I already have Flash installed and there is no option to enable it in chrome.

It doesn't seem to work with other browsers either I tested with Opera, also with Flash installedso it is probably gone. I'll have to look into this deeper when I get the chance.

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Interestingly enough, I recently found some old 6teen games. They're no longer available on the original Teletoon or Cartoon Network sites, but I have managed to find them on various third party flash game sites, just like I remember them from back in the day. I am here to announce that this game has been found! Flashpoint Discord user Mac found out that there were some files it needed on Turner web servers, and the rest were downloaded by appleCider. It will be available in Flashpoint 7.

Here is a download link to it: bluemaxima. I'm useless but hey. The kids that played it never thought about it.

Total drama island game best game ever

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