The search for bastila

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The entrance from the Lower City is in the middle of the base's south wall. You need to return there to return to hideout then transit back, or change party selection : if you do so when the base is hostile, remember that the lookout outside will attack you. Upon entering for the first time, you'll see Gadon Thek, a human male and leader of the Hidden Beks, standing behind the desk in the northwest corner to the right of a security door in the north wall. He's guarded by Zaerdra, a Twi'lek female standing to the left of the desk, who'll challenge you as you approach them:.

She repeats this last line if you try to speak to her at any time, but you can now speak to Gadon Thek:. These official looking papers identify the bearer as being on special asment by order of the Sith government of Taris. They also warn of gruesome penalties for anyone foolish enough to challenge the bearer. Although you've lost Sith Armorthese Sith papers still allow you to use the Upper City elevator to travel between Upper and Lower Taris, as well as access the Undercity elevator to continue the search for Bastila.

Once you have these papers, Mission and Zaalbar won't appear outside the tap room of Javyar's cantina if you haven't already met them there; you'll have to go down to the Undercity to look for them. The security door to the right of Gadon in the north wall is impossible to open at this time; the same is true of that at the north end of the empty corridor beyond the standard door in the north wall at the end of the corridor exiting the main hall to the east. Another corridor exits to the west.

In its south wall is the door to the control room, which is also impossible to open:. The west corridor ends in a standard door, beyond which is the bar. Five Hidden Beks wander the main hall who will comment but not engage in dialog when spoken to:. If you return to speak to Gadon without agreeing to kill him for Kandon Ark :. However, if you did agree to kill him The search for bastila you met Kandon Ark in the engine lab of the Black Vulkar base, Gadon is gone, a Rodian Hidden Bek guard now stands by the security door in the north wall beyond which is the elevator to Gadon's private chambersand you can only speak to Zaerdra:.

You can still change your mind and return to the engine lab to retrieve the prototype accelerator for him:. In the morning, one of the Beks takes you to the swoop racing pitswhere only racers and mechanics are allowed to go.

If you return after completing the search for Bastila and winning the swoop race for the Hidden Beks, Gadon is gone but you can still speak to Zaerdra:. The other Hidden Beks may comment on your win. Otherwise, you're committed to the assassination if you declare your betrayal to Zaerdra:. You're also committed if you declare your betrayal to the Rodian Hidden Bek guard, or reveal it by using the access codes Kandon gave you to open the security door. The whole base is now hostile, and the five Hidden Beks in the main hall will draw melee weapons to attack you:.

The elevator to Gadon Thek's private chambers is in the north of the base, beyond the security doors which are impossible to open without Kandon Ark's access The search for bastila. The most straightforward route is to go down the corridor exiting the main hall to the east, then through the standard door in the north wall at its east end and continue up the corridor to a security door at its north end.

After meeting Kandon Ark in the engine lab of the Black Vulkar base's garage and agreeing to kill Gadon Thek for him, a Twi'lek Hidden Bek guard now stands to the left of the security door. Opening it reveals your betrayal, and the whole base becomes hostile:. There's a footlocker with random contents by the north wall opposite the security door, and the standard door in the west wall is mined:. Beyond is a chamber with a central pillar containing the elevator, the door to which is in its north face.

A sentry droid patrols around it in a clockwise direction:. The security door to the main hall is in the southeast corner in the south wall; the standard door to the barracks is in the southwest corner in the west wall. Two footlockers with random contents are by the west wall as well. Both are melee fighters, and Gadon uses his Energy Shield before attacking:.

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Beyond the standard door at the end of the corridor exiting the main hall to the west is the bar. There's a plasteel cylinder with random contents against the south wall and a security door at its north end which is impossible to open at this time:. The three Hidden Beks two Aqualish and a Twi'lek male standing around tables by the east wall will comment but not engage in dialog when spoken to, just like those in the main hall. If you return after meeting Kandon Ark in the engine lab of the Black Vulkar base's garage and agreeing to kill Gadon Thek for him, another Rodian Hidden Bek guard now stands to the left of the security door:.

The moment you declare your betrayal, or reveal it by using the access codes Kandon gave you to open the security door, the whole base becomes hostile:. The barracks is in the northwest corner of the base, and can only be entered after betraying the Hidden Beks. Any two of the and following Rodian Hidden Bek guards stand by the table in its northeast corner:. The standard door in its southeast corner, beyond which is the elevator to Gadon Thek's private chambers, is in the east wall opposite another Twi'lek Hidden Bek guard.

Guards with Blaster Pistols have a higher Challenge Rating. There's a footlocker by the east wall with random contents. Beyond the standard door in the north wall is a small room, which is mined:. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Table of Contents Gameplay. Attack on the Endar Spire. Ebon Hawk. Yavin Station. Quest for the Star Forge. Star Forge System. Star Forge. Implants Head Hands Arms Belts. Body Robes Light armor Medium armor Heavy armor. Category : s with broken file links.

Hidden category: Sub-s. This was last edited on 28 Juneat menu. Zaerdra: Hold it right there — who are you and what is your business with The search for bastila Gadon Thek: Calm down, Zaerdra. Nobody is going The search for bastila try anything here in the middle of our own base.

It would be a suicide mission. Zaerdra: You're too trusting, Gadon. Brejik and his Vulkars want you dead. Anyone we don't know is a potential threat, and it's my job to make sure you're safe! Gadon Thek: Do you want us to start attacking strangers on sight, Zaerdra — like the Vulkars do? I will never let it come to that! Now step aside and let them pass. Zaerdra: As you wish. You can speak to Gadon if you want, but I've got my eye on you!

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You try anything and you'll be vaporized before you can say "Vulkar spy"! Gadon Thek: You'll have to forgive Zaerdra. Ever since Brejik and the Vulkars began this war against us, she's been a little over-zealous in her security duties. The problems with the Sith haven't helped things.

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Zaerdra seems to forget that I know how to look after myself! Now, how can I help you? You have problems with the Sith? You said you were having problems with the Sith? Gadon Thek: A foreign army invades Taris, declares martial law and locks down all travel to and from the planet? You damn well bet I have a problem with that! If the Sith ever moved in down here all the swoop gangs would unite against them.

We'd use hit and run guerrilla tactics to pick them off… their casualties would be enormous! Carth: Don't fool yourself. The Sith would never commit to that kind of operation. They'd… they'd probably do something much more grand and deadly. Gadon Thek: But so far the Sith have stayed out of the Lower City and our strength is wasted on this stupid gang war!

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I tried to explain this to Brejik, but he and his Vulkars won't listen. I want to ask you some questions. Gadon Thek: I don't see any harm in that. What did you want to know? Is there something wrong with your eyes? What's up with your freaky eyes, old man? Carth: Uh, very tactful. Are you itching for a fight or something?

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Zaerdra: How dare you?! I should kill you where you stand! As you can see, I lost my eyes in a swoop racing crash. I rely on these artificial replacements to see now. But my blindness was not the worst consequence of my accident.

My affliction was what eventually led to this war between my Beks and the Vulkars. What do you mean? Why are Brejik and the Vulkars at war with you? Gadon Thek: When I lost my sight in the swoop bike accident everyone assumed I would step down as leader of the Hidden Beks and let Brejik — my most trusted follower — take over. But with my ocular implants I can still see well enough to lead this gang, and I knew Brejik wasn't ready to take over yet. Unfortunately, Brejik didn't agree with me. In a rage he left to our arch-rivals, the Black Vulkars. A lot of the younger gang members followed him, and soon he and his followers had taken control of the Black Vulkar gang.

But why start a gang war with the Beks? Sounds like Brejik is acting like a spoiled brat. Gadon Thek: Brejik is a proud man. My decision was a public humiliation for him. Maybe if I had stepped down this gang war could have been avoided. Zaerdra: Don't fool yourself, Gadon. Brejik wants to control the Lower City gangs. If you'd stepped down, he'd have led the Beks against the Vulkars. He wanted this war, one way or another. Brejik won't rest until I am dead and the Beks are no more, but it's hard to accept the truth of his betrayal. Is there any way off this planet?

Gadon Thek: Not while the Sith quarantine is in place. Even the fastest smugglers' ships can't break the blockade of the fleet surrounding the planet without the proper launch The search for bastila.

The search for bastila

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