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Now that mage shock absorbing factor has been revealed to have been a myth, I thought of opening a new thread to all the myths and "urban legends" I have heard of read. Basically this is only from people who have not seen professional sumo for longer than 1 minute or so. However, sometimes there are reports from people who go to see amateur sumo tournaments that "there were horribly fat people who could barely get up onto the dohyo! Surely there are mostly top athletes in international amateur sumo tournaments as many are current of former top wrestlers, some judoka Sumo wrestler testicles people with background in powerlifting or other strength sports but still occasionally there are some really unathletic guys in amateur sumo who strengthen these ideas of "just get horrendously fat and you can do sumo!

Konishiki's last years made him the best known rikishi in those people's minds who only saw sumo occasionally on Eurosport or so. Whereas Konishiki was also very strong even in his decline, he was a bad example of how rikishi are and people remembered him particularly well so got their perceptions from sumo largely from his massive and sad girth. This is one myth that every now and then pops out! The wonderful logic behind this is that sumo wrestlers need to have that distinctive thick mage and so they can't be allowed to go bald so snipping out the testicles would take their testosterone production away and testosterone is the main decisive reason for balding when genetic predisposition exists.

Well, people don't know that usually but they often know that those boy singers of old times who were castrated so they wouldn't ruin their high pitch voices in teens, never got bald heh. The effective counter attack is to refute the logic by explaining that without testosterone, these guys would not have the means to get so big and strong. But this then requires that one must explain that rikishi need muscles too in addition to fat Blinking When sumo aspirants turn 13, they are sent to spesific "fattening camps" where lo of butter and lard Sumo wrestler testicles given to them so they will gain a lot of weight Sumo wrestler testicles fat and that they spend years on those camps!

I was once approached with this urban legend at the gym where someone talked about sumo on Eurosport. One enthusiastic person was telling this to others. Maybe this was the product of his own imagination but it sure Sumo wrestler testicles funny to listen such an enthusiastic story.

Or is this international urban legend too? We were talking about this on our break and found your site and thought of asking you this! We have heard that sumo wrestlers rub their testicles into their abdominal cavity before matches so they could stay safe. Is this true? Thanks for reply! That was a translation of an I got some 3 years ago from some Finnish company where bunch of women had had this exciting topic during their coffee break and had found my little Finnish sumo FAQ site and decided to contact me. I was naturally truly honoured to get my first ever question concerning sumo so I gave a good answer to which the women thanked cordially and even wrote politely that they should find out more about this interesting culture and not just make these silly degrading questions.

The future of these prospective future Kotonowaka-fans is unknown to me but maybe that was the beginning of beautiful sumo fanism for these ladies! In every case, testicles travel from abdominal cavity to their normal anatomical position. The traveling starts in featus state and then gradually proceeds. Adult men have the pathway left and they could put their testicles into the canal if they so wished. I am sure there are some members on this forum who have had hernia and in hernia examination doctor, urologists especially, stick their finger into they canal and try to figure out if there is any hernia.

That is just the corridor where testicles come from. So it could be possible to force the testicles into the canal, then tighly squeeze the thigs together and wrap mawashi really tightly around so that pressure gradient would keep the canal shut and testicles would be there during the bout!

Not sure if this would be possible though but in principle I think so. Not really a myth but quite common errorneous assumption. Many people think they throw rice into the dohyo and not salt. Maybe this comes from the fact that Japan and rice are associated and in many cultures rice is thrown in weddings to wish for fertility and this chucking of salt associates with that image in their minds!

Nearly always people overestimate ificantly the weights of rikishi. Maybe that is Konishiki-effect again and in amateur sumo Yarborough-factor? I have collected Sumo myths over the years, and will be publishing them in a book entitled "Sumo Wrestlers: Myths and Fetishes". Rikishi get their names shikona by pulling writtten names out of a hat provided by their Oyakata.

Sumo wrestlers are not allowed to weigh themselves on coin-operated weights, because they always get the same result- "Please stand on the weights one by one". Hawaiian-born Sumo wrestlers pick fights with other Hawaiian born civilians at every opportunity.

I've heard this one in regards to karate adepts of the past I prefer the advice given by Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid 2, " One more myth is that rikishi can't perform procedures enabling them to maintain good hygiene after toilet visits of the sitting type. And that apprentices have to aid in that. I was talking with my "adoptive okasans" about my time at the basho on Sunday, and we got onto the topic of cutting the kensho.

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According to them, the actions are supposed to follow the kanji for "kokoro" or heart. Basically writing the kanji in the air before taking the kensho. I told them about the left, right, middle probably the wrong order but they were adamant that it was the kanji for heart. I don't think that anyone actually posted an actual answer last time, and I didn't want to bump up that thread again in case it just annoyed everyone. I know that this myth was quashed just before Kyushu, but this booklet is from the Kyokai themselves. Why would they allow anything like that in there if it's completely false?

Just a note that it still says that there are 40 rikishi in Makuuchi, but that might just be due to not getting rid of the old copies. Obviously Shiroikuma knows what he's talking about Do you actually wrestle, and is that you in the picture? I know it's 4 strokes, which is why I started a new thread, because it would have meant that no-one does it right.

I'm sort of glad that it's not the case I actually did tell them about the thanking the gods part at least I tried to, but hesitated because I wasn't sure if it was the right fact but they were sure it was supposed to be kokoro. I can now tell them for sure that they are wrong, Sumo wrestler testicles include the names of the deities. I'd like to show them the kanji in case that makes explaining easier Even if it is the traditional way, if it's decreed by a Rijichou to do it a different way, why is Asa going against it? Who actually does it the best? I would have thought that Takamisakari would be one of the best examples of it as he gets so many kensho, he bows while I haven't seen anyone else do that.

And about the mage It's almost encouraged On the "kokoro" thing I was going through some material that I had written 10 years ago and wanted to check the validity of some of the research I had done. I have all of it on paper and my sources were from old editions of Sumo World,the promotional material from "Shiko Funjatta" aka "Sumo do Sumo Don't" movie ,Tokyo Journal and various other publications.

It was all before the internet was widely used otherwise I would know its true yeah right. I really question Being ninja I would like to know what others think before I update my paper. Being ninja Do You really expect to find any proof for this myths? Every time they are told, the amount of sake, beer and noodles increases. In a interview with Sports Illustrated entitled, "Meat Bomb," Konishiki denied allegations that he consumed bottles of beer, 10 quarts of tequila, and 10 shots of whiskey on his 28th birthday.

He said that it could not be true because he doesn't drink whiskey. Furthermore, it was certainly more than bottles of beer. Couldn't find the SI article. There was another website that mentioned Musashimaru claiming to have drank beers. I've read somewhere in the past that Mitoizumi was a heavy drinker Not Sumo, but Andre the Giant, of WWF fame in the 80's, was well known for drinking heavily, and there are several documented examples of him drinking over beers, or several liters Sumo wrestler testicles hard alcohol.

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So, it is possible, in theory. They would get fat, would burp and fart and liver would work overtime to pack all the extra energy into fat!

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It is quite simple to calculate the alcohol amounts of for example beers and there are not very wide fluctuations in people's ability to burn alcohol well alcoholics' livers are more effective but not to substantial degree. On average liver can burn 1g of alcohol per hour for every 10kg of body weight. The more fat you have, the less water content of your body and hence women get drunk easier as does Konishiki in principle, in relation of weight. If those beers are 4. Alcohol is lighter than water and you need to multiple the ml with 0.

So lets say that beer bottle has 15ml of alcohol. That means it has 12g of alcohol.

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Konishiki is bored and is agitated to drink 20 beer bottles in 1 hour. Now put that in formula above:. Still if someone drinks beers in lets say 10 hours and weights for example kg. Over 6 promilles is extremely unusual. So if Musashimaru would drink beers he does weigh more than kg but also has bigger fat content than average manhe would have to do that in more than 2 days time to stay conscious and alive, even if he would be complete alcoholic.

Too bad.

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He was called up for a military duty inso close to making it to Juryo. During the war he got shot twice and was reported to have died and was even de-listed from his heya's book. It took him four years to return and when he came back to the heya in Junehe was so thin, initially everyone thought it was a ghost of him. Since then Yoshibayama ate like no tomorrow and even was nicknamed "Stomach".

He inherited Toshiyori Myoseki of Miyagino after his active career and trained his recruits at the same place where Sumo wrestler testicles sumo restaurant called "Yoshiba" currently stands. This is the restaurant with the old dohyo where he once trained his recruits. About Raiden and the Chinese scholar - the scholar apparently slept through to the next night and heard about Raiden's prowess from others.

He was so impressed with Raiden that he drew a painting and writing for him and presented it to him. The 24th Yokozuna Ootori once drank so much prior to his dohyo-iri that he fell down while doing the dohyo-iri and was needed to be helped out by his Tsuyuharai but he continued on and completed the ceremony. Some thought former Maegashira 2 Takasago Beya's Nankairyu from Samoa could have been an ozeki or even yokozuna but he loved drinking booze so much that he quit Ozumo.

He was initially picked by Takamiyama and Konishiki among to the heya and showed a great potential. But on the night of Day 13 at the September Basho, he was discovered in a total stupor by hotel staff at the Asakusa View Hotel and police was called in. He was eventually taken back to the heya but the next morning he refused to do any training session and was scolded by then Takasago oyakata severely. He promptly ran out of the heya and skipped the Day The morning after the Senshuraku, he started to drinking heavily again with his friends who came to see him.

Seeing Sumo wrestler testicles, Takasago oyakata finally had it and told him he had to choose between sumo and booze. Nankairyu told the oyakata he couldn't stop drinking and went back to Samoa. His retirmemnt papers were forwarded by the oyakata in October after a consultation with then chairman of the Kyokai, Futagoyama oyakata. Hmm, in Poland if you say beer it means 0. Great post Mr.

Kakitsune - alcohol is bad for health, now I finally understood it Blushing The 10 quarts of tequila is right, but I drank more than bottles of beer. Well, in Japan there are various sizes of beer bottles. The small ones are 0. The middle and large ones are available in crates and would be the ones served at parties or izakaya.

Sumo wrestler testicles

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