Spider man 2002 game cheats

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Frist while your fighting him go un top of goblin by swinging webs when you are right above him drop if gone to high and press x and start punching him by pressing sqaure or take a ride but after a while goblin will take spidey and slam him on the side of the glider then you will just start falling so make sure to swing web and if you want to exit glider riding simiply press x. On the Roof top level 1 after you first start the game on the building behind and to the right of you there is a woman that asks you to find her purse for her on another roof top.

Then go to the building with the words, Lavainia on it it is right in front of your starting point you will find the purse. Take it back to her for some points for the secret store. The Green Goblin is just a cheater, but after years of work, if you want to own The Green Goblin by hand to hand combat, here's what you do. For like the first mission, where you drop in the ball room, you have to get at least two feet away and let him chase you around in circles.

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As he gets closer, he throw a good hook or a front kick, or land a combo on nothing. You let him hit the air a couple of times until you go in after hit hits and perform a three hit combo. He will literally do nothing but grunt and jerk. The first few hits, you'll know your doing them right because he'll always say, "My compliments to you. You'll skill is tremendous!

First hide in the ceiling and webb-up a passing guard. Then hold the X button while falling on him to ride him. While on him, press the O button to body slam him onto the ground. But in matrix mode, the guard will flip faster than Spidey and Spidey will slam his back on the ground! This might take a few tries as matrix attacks will not happen every time. Goblin can be a devastating melee fighter and do not approach him if you have little health Spider man 2002 game cheats are not experienced enough.

But for those of you who are, here are a few tips. If goblin manages to get a grip on you and starts choking you, tap the Square or X button as fast as possible to get out. Something that is very useful to me is dodging. If you press the X button with a directional arrow, you will dodge in that direction. If you see Goblin preparing for an attack, dodge, throw a nice combo then dodge again. This will confuse Goblin and has made me personally comfortable at fighting Goblin up close. Do be careful though. The glider will remain where it was but Green Goblin is gone!

You cannot complete the level and you must restart or quit, but it is a pretty funny move. This is a very devestating move and it will K0 him. Then you will arrive at the power house in the movie but Goblin is not there! He will talk but not in person. As for Spidey, he will represent as a pair of floating web gloves! Go to, searching for justice. On one of the rooftops there is women who asks you to look for her purse. Go and get her purse. Hint: The purse is a building away. If you want to beat a super soldier in the OSCORP levels, hide on the ceiling, tie them up with your web, and jump down and kick their butts!!!!!

When a bunch of thugs gang up on you hit Triangle and Right on the D-Pad or on the joy stick, Using the D-Pad is easier Spiderman will crouch and a big dome of web will form around him. It explodes after a couple of seconds. However, you can make it explode immediately, if you press X. You may have to do it a couple of times on the tough thugs. Spider man 2002 game cheats time to stop that evil goon for good and i know the best way to do it. If your having trouble beating the Greenie Meanie in hand to hand or mono-a-mono combat use this to one simple move to defeat or take away most of his life.

Just keep firing your web-balls at a rapid pace and it will eventually take it's toll on his life but keep restocking on your webbing when ever possible and don't get to close to him or he will use his combos which can be lethal. Here's a great move to use when your fighting many enimies.

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When thugs come out they can't hit you. While on top of the cage press triangle and up to web blast them. You can also use web dome on the ground. Use those moves with the boss at the end for a easy when wothout lose energy. Having a hard time geting through the tower? Here are some tips. So push R1 that will shoot you straight up toward the roof. Then 2nd they have mines planted in tower.

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You can run right pass them. And 3rd the small little "spider" things. So watch out. And right when they start throwing a lot of bombs and the spiders follow you and attack you look around for the red spider health things. When you are fighting against a enemy or thug, press square and circle, and you will punch the enemy or thug and then he wil do a kick. It can probably hurt and finish the thug, but it can hurt the enemy greatly! Are you sick and tired of just kicking and punching the bad guys.

Well here is a new way to kill them.

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Hop on their head. To do this all you have to do is get near a thug and hold the "X" button. When you jump in the air move towards their he. You will be on their he!! Their are many tricks to do on their head.

You can punch them by pressing the "Square" button. If you press the "O" button you get off his head and pick him up in the air and throws him. These are the tricks to do on a thugs head. You want to web zip but you get hit by people sometimes. Well i have the souloution. Super Web Zip. All you do is press the R1 button and triangle button at the same time and you zip faster with a web shield. It can make you go faster and kill more people. Having a hard time beating this part of the game? First make sure that the killer is NOT in front of the door when you walk up.

Also make sure you have the health meter all the way up. Take a few kicks and punches at him until your health meter is low. Push the R1 button. This should spring you up to the roof. Crawl around until you see a red spider icon. Then go back down and fight him again.

Lead the Green goblin to the electricity when you fight him the 2nd time.

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To unlock wrestler spider-man just beat the game on the easy or normal level or start a new game on easy enter arachnid under the cheats and level warp to conclusion this will be unlocked in the secret store. To defeat Shocker, you must first get through the subway tunnels where he shoots electric waves at you. To do this, you can either try running forward and dodging left and right in to other tunnels, or just running forward and using your web shield whenever Shocker shoots the waves down the tunnel this is the easiest method.

Once you get through the tunnel, throw both switches at the end of the tunnel to move the car and reveal a stairway which le to Shocker. To defeat Shocker, just shoot your improved impact webbing you should have found this in an earlier levelhe should be dead in no time with the damage the new impact webbing does to him. On the level where you try to get past Shocker. You can do the turbo boost by holding R2 and X. This will make you go fast If you do it correctly then you wont be damaged by Shocker.

Complete the game on the Hero difficulty and look for the option under Secret Store. Alternatively, start a game on the Superhero difficulty. Exit first level without playing. The Green Goblin has his own set of controls which can be accessed at the Pause screen.

Start a new game at Super Hero difficulty, and after that, save your game. Return to the main menu and go to Specials. If you entered it correctly, you will hear the Green Goblin laugh. Return to the Specials screen and select Level Warp. Choose Conclusion. Skip the conslusion and the credits and go to the Specials screen. They are at the end of the list. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of the Green Goblin laugh.

Select "Conclusion" from the Level Warp and sit back and witness the gaming worlds first girl-girl kiss. Complete the Spider man 2002 game cheats on Hero to unlock Green Goblin. You'll now play a very unique game with an original story over the same levels of coursewhich you control Harry Osborn, the 2nd Goblin as he researches his father's death. Complete the game under Normal or Hero difficulty setting to unlock the Alex Ross costume another suggested de for the movie in the Specials Menu. We have no easter eggs for Spider-Man: The Movie yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

We have no glitches for Spider-Man: The Movie yet.

Spider man 2002 game cheats

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Spider-Man: The Movie (PS2) Cheats