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From another in our Learning by Doing Series. A lot of boys will tell you that begin whacked repeatedly on your sit spot is just awful. First, where exactly is your sit spot? Do you even have one!?

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The Sit Spot is the point on your body where your buttocks meet your legs. Best to have a few pics to show rather than a bunch of words to tell. Ultimately, in real life, Spankings are an imprecise tool for disciplining an adult boy, and that is part of their importance.

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In this way, the humiliation of a Spanking is almost as important as The Spanking itself. Our advice this week is that the next time you Spank, keep in mind the value of turning your boy far enough over your knee that you give his Sit Spot a sound Spanking with hand, paddle, or cane.

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Notify me of new posts via. Not the only focus, but the primary one. For some reason, this notion seems to elude many spankers. Most spankees agree, but often are reluctant to communicate this to their spankers. Please comment below or me with your idea s. Like this: Like Loading Published by Cornertime Confidential. Post Spankings, Discipline, and Emotions.

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