Soul calibur 5 female characters

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You left out Leixia, Natsu, and Pyrrha, also technically speaking, Elysium, sort of. I wouldn't point them out except for the fact that you included Viola while also including Amy, so they're valid leave-outs in that case. And since they actually made an appearance on the relationship charts, you could technically include Angol Fear, Ashlotte, Kamikirimusi, Scheherazade, and Shura. Then if you count bonus characters, there's Miser, Hualin, Lynette, and Valeria as well.

For playable bonus characters there's also Luna, Abelia, and Aurelia from Chronicles. Quality over quantity I suppose. Including both Amy and Viola makes sense since I don't think it's been confirmed that they're the same person. Also, from a gameplay perspective, they're still distinct fighting styles even if they are ultimately the same person. Guest and bonus characters can be left off, but in terms of playable, story-relevant characters, those would be the ones that would have to be added.

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Are these all the female characters in soul calibur? Posted by. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Elysium was basically a sword. Just took a physical form. Pyrha Edit: also natsu.

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Looks like a generous amount. But yes, you are missing leixia, natsu and pyrrah. More posts from the SoulCalibur community. The sub for all things SoulCalibur related!

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Soul calibur 5 female characters

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Are these all the female characters in soul calibur?