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From reading the reviews, Skin gets a bad rap and I after stopping by this past Saturday, I can see why. It does have potential though, just depends on what you're looking for. It's a relatively small club. Only one main stage and "bar" area. It's nude so no alcohol. The dancer quality was average at best. For a Saturday night, disappointing. Bout 3 AA, A few spanish, few white. Not terrible, but nobody over 7. Got hit up immediately from the ladies working. No small talk, just the "what to have fun" line from about the 5 or so that approached.

Seemed majority hinted at extras available but had to decline em all since none were my type. As the night went on, contemplating on splitting until a petite spanish beauty w. I Immediately came by stage, tipped a few dollars and asked for a dance. She said yeah, so back to the chairs I went and waited, hoping that the other customers who started throwing dollars wouldn't take her. Really was slim pickings that night on quality.

Plus I could tell other folk had the same idea I had. After her set, she came by and asked if I was ready. So back we went. Last night I ended my strip club escapade in Skin Tampa. Skin Tampa has exactly what I was looking for; decent women with nice asses. My brother and I didn't arrive until 5am so the crowd was pretty light.

The club itself is pretty small and has only one stage. The lady on the stage was fully nude when we walked in and was a pretty good looking woman. After sitting on the Skin strip club tampa for about 20 mins, I noticed a nice thick AA girl sitting in the corner all alone.

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I went over to talk to her and that's where the fun started. She said she didn't see me come in so that's why she was sitting over there. She told me it was her first night there and her first night dancing nude. We enjoyed a few laughs about how nervous she was and how bad of a strip club night I was having I asked her if she was doing private dances and she gladly said yes Her exact words were I thought it was pretty funny.

I asked her how much and she said that she didn't know She also didn't know how the whole VIP expirence worked.

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So she took me to the door lady so she could ex So was walking Skin strip club tampa 7th ave on ybor looking for something to do and some guy gave me card for free entry into Skin. The parking lot was too small and not well lit.

But it came with free drinks. So I got three cokes. Guess I Saved money on my "free" entry. The dancer quality was terrible. This was a Saturday night. This is when your best are supposed to be out. I got midday weekday quality. First girl to come up to me is in her 40's. Still slender but not very attractive and has rough hands. Said something like "take me into the back and ill take all my clothes off take me into the vip ill takeoff all of yours. Most guys leave a couple ounces lighter. Second girl is a overweight young or at least youngish black girl.

Also had a very hard time taking no for an answer. The third was another old white girl this one had a couple gold teeth. She at least took no for an answer. The fourth was actually attractive. Went to the back for two dances.

The booth was not that comfortable. It was passable I suppose but not very soft. Had a mirror on the wall which is kinda neat. Not a very good dance either but it was ok. After I left ybor strip cause it was a bust I went to skin. A few cars I. The parking lot and wasn't really sure about it but y not. Went in cover I think was 20 and a band to get into VIP. Cover included free drink.

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I went in, small bar to the right where you get free soft drink with the add missions there was a stage to the front. Girls danced three songs and we're not afraid to show the kitty. Most were not my type heavy, lots of tattoos, and piercings.

There were two girls though fairly thin, the first blonde I took back to the VIP which were open cubes in the back, however no one was there so it wasn't bad. The girl allowed roaming and kitty play it was a nice three song set. They have rooms for for 15 minutes here is where it could have been great. So includes the girl and I took tha other one back. The rooms have a small bed with a sheet on it and a heavy curtain.

We get back there and she says take off your shirt so ok. Then starts to dance I'm squeezing her tits and start to go for the thong to remove it.

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She says slow down I suddenly know this was going to be a problem. What could have been a great experience with the right girl ended up being " I wouldn't repeat " she would not allow any roaming below the waist. The 15 minutes wasn't over fast enough. I should have went with the first girl.

The rest were not worth taking and I had spen enough. After a couple failed attempts at having a good time at Skin, I decided to give it another try; I should have known better. I visited late on a Thursday night. The club itself is nice, which is why I keep going back. You enter into a foyer area, pay your cover and, optionally, purchase a wrist band for dance access, then proceed through the doors to the main club. Upon entering, you are at the corner of the club.

The stage and seating area is to the left, along with a small drink station where you purchase your required water. At the back are some large couches. The seating is comfortable, the lighting is good, and the music is at the standard SC volume too loud. The club was busy, but did not feel crowded. There were girls working that I saw, all were attractive, and there seemed to be a dancer for everyone's tastes. The stage shows seem to be good; I wish I could have enjoyed it.

On this particular trip, a dancer approached me as I was getting my bottle of water before I even had a chance to survey the room. She was attractive, but not at all my type She insisted on ushering me to a chair Skin strip club tampa sitting on my lap. I politely declined and she ignored me and sat down anyway. I again asked her to let Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Florida Tampa Skin Tampa. Skin Tampa 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed.

Skin strip club tampa

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