Sabrina from 16 and pregnant

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Created by head writer Ron Carlivatiand introduced under executive producer Frank ValentiniSabrina is introduced as a nerdy, pushover student nurse at General Hospital who has a crush on the widowed former playboy Dr. Patrick Drake.

Patrick's other love interest, Dr. Britt Westbournetakes pleasure in torturing Sabrina about the fact that Patrick will never notice her. Sabrina is very close with Patrick's daughter Emmawho also clashes with Britt. Sabrina is also known for her friendship with Felix DuBois.

The character serves as a catalyst to re-introduce the annual tradition of the Nurses' Ball in honor of Patrick's late wife, Robin Scorpio. Patrick and Sabrina's romance is plagued by interference from Britt, who tries to pass her unborn child off as his. Later, the series introduces Sabrina's ex-boyfriend, Carlos Riverawho battles Patrick for her affections.

Patrick eventually proposes to Sabrina, while many including Carlos warn both of them that Robin is alive. With no proof, the couple goes through with the wedding only for Robin to appear as they are pronounced husband and wife. Sabrina was murdered in September by Paul Hornsbywho is acting as the hospital's mass-killer.

Sabrina is the adoptive cousin of former character Juan Santiago Michael Saucedo. Juan suggests that Sabrina go to General Hospital to finish her nursing degree. However, Sabrina's adoptive mother died when she was very young. Sabrina grows up idolizes her adoptive mother. After her adoptive mother's death, Sabrina's adoptive father sends her to live with her adoptive cousins in Puerto Rico as he is unable to raise her on his own. Sabrina carries her adoptive mother's stethoscope. Immediately after college, Carlos wants to marry and start a family, while Sabrina from 16 and pregnant wants to focus on her career.

Right around the same time, Juan suggests Sabrina finish her nursing degree in Port Charles. As of JuneSabrina was 27 years old. She actually did a chemistry test with her current co-star, Jason Thompsonwho portrayed Patrick. However, the series decided to stick with Rebecca Montoya as Delores. I had them draw a unibrow on me, and they had this tray of glasses so I got the biggest set, and I was hunched over! Then, I am in the elevator, and what you are supposed to do is that when the elevator opens, you are supposed to step out and trip.

And there he is … Patrick… and you start talking to yourself and he is right behind you. I had looked at myself in the mirror going, this girl is so ridiculous right now, and I thought naturally, she should have a lisp. And they are either going to love it or kick me out for not taking this seriously.

And nobody stopped me! And the scene was with Jason, and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to burst into laughter. In the spring ofshe was contacted again by the series and she auditioned for the role of "Maya. She once again tested with Thompson. Castillo was chosen out of hundreds of other actresses for the role of Sabrina. After several weeks of waiting, she was contacted by the show again and read for executive producer, Frank Valentini. She went back for another chemistry test in late August. Castillo began filming her scenes on August 31, During the audition, the actresses started out getting "pretty" to do a fantasy scene in which the character admits her love for Patrick, and then transforming into a nerdy girl with glasses for the rest of the scene.

To make sure she stood out from the 9 other actresses that the producers had called back, Castillo admitted that she "decided to have fun. Castillo originated the role on a contractual basis. Though the character does not have a lisp, or the uni-brow, the huge glasses and the not so neat hair remain.

Sabrina comes off very afraid at times, and usually cannot be honest about how she feels. Apart from her feelings for Patrick, Sabrina's whole life is defined by following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a nurse. Like her mother, "[Sabrina] wants to make a difference in the world.

She truly cares Sabrina from 16 and pregnant people. In Septemberit was revealed that Castillo would be departing the soap. When Kimberly McCulloughwho played Robin departed from the series in February and the character was pd dead, the producers were faced with the difficult task of having Patrick Jason Thompson move forward without the love of his life. Early on, the triangle focuses on Patrick's romance with Britt Westbourne Kelly Thiebaud as Sabrina pines for his affections.

Head writer Ron Carlivati said that Sabrina's confession, regardless of Patrick's reaction, in addition to Sabrina graduating from nursing school is an effort to show the character's growth. According to Castillo, Sabrina constantly avoids Patrick's attempts to confess by changing the subject. Even some of her own cast mates don't recognize her. Of the pairing, Carlivati said he wanted the love story to unfold slowly, starting with Sabrina being the best for Emma, while having Patrick overlook the fact that he has found the perfect woman to make a new life with.

For Sabrina, it grew into a "very deep love. Like many other characters in soap history, Sabrina was faced with the situation of having her happiness ruined by her lover's pd-dead spouse. If Sabrina needs to be the martyr, then she will take on that role. However, her relationships with both Patrick and Emma especially are very strong.

McCullough said what makes the situation even more interesting is that everyone, from Robin to Patrick to Sabrina, is trying to be "noble. According to Carlivati, Felix is not the kind of person who will let Sabrina wallow in her potential defeat; he always encourages and supports her. Castillo told Soap Opera Digest that Sabrina saw it coming. Sabrina immediately knew that Patrick belongs with Robin, and was, according to the actress, actually shocked that he is torn about the decision.

However, there is a brief moment when Patrick comes to Sabrina that she thinks he may choose her. However, by the time Patrick makes his decision and chooses Robin, Felix is not around to support her, but Carlos is. The last person Sabrina wants comfort from is Carlos, she wants Felix and is extremely relieved when he comes home.

However, they have the issue of Carlos to deal with. In the past, "Carlos was there to offer her love, guidance and protection," and he does so again after Sabrina is left to deal with Patrick's choice. Carlos loved Sabrina long before the makeover, and appreciated her "demure" personality believing she would make the perfect wife and mother. Castillo hints at the possibility of Sabrina reverting to her former self after being hurt, but said Sabrina has changed a lot while Carlos is still very much the same kind of man. He has a set image in his mind for what a wife and mother should be, and Sabrina's desire for something different is what led to their initial split.

However, Castillo maintained that "it's not enough for her to go back to him. Castillo Sabrina from 16 and pregnant that pregnancy is the last thing on Sabrina's mind, she can't ignore it once a pregnancy test confirms it. And once Patrick makes his choice, Sabrina doesn't see him as an option. Sabrina often babysits Patrick's daughter, Emma Brooklyn Rae Silzerduring their dates and the two develop a friendship. In the meantime, Patrick and Sabrina become very close friends, while Emma develops a disdain for Britt. Britt manipulates the situation and lies to Sabrina about how uncomfortable Patrick is around her which le to Sabrina quitting as Emma's babysitter.

Things come to a head when a confrontation between Emma and Britt le to Emma running away and Sabrina finds her. After Patrick dumps her, Britt seeks Sabrina from 16 and pregnant on Sabrina and le her to believe she accidentally killed a patient by administering the wrong medication, and Sabrina nearly gets kicked out of the nursing program.

Fortunately, Sabrina convinces head nurse Epiphany Johnson Sonya Eddy to let her take the test again, and she passes. Sabrina then admits her feelings for Patrick, not knowing if he will reciprocate, though she doesn't think it is possible. However, when it is revealed that Patrick paid for the investigation into the alleged cheating scandal that nearly cost her a spot in the nursing program, Felix insists that Patrick cares for her.

Sabrina is no longer willing to wait around for Patrick. She instead accepts a date with Milo Giambetti Drew Cheetwood. Sabrina initially hesitates, knowing Felix has a crush on Milo. However, she realizes that she needs to start looking elsewhere, and unlike Patrick, Milo shows an immediate interest in her.

At the same time, Patrick is trying to find the appropriate time to tell Sabrina he has feelings for her. Patrick and Sabrina finally admit their feelings for one another. The relationship is immediately tested when Britt announces she is pregnant.

Sabrina from 16 and pregnant

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