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Sunset Shimmer was once a student of Princess Celestia, but she had ambitions of power and prestige that she felt she couldn't get from the princess. Sunset left Equestria through a magic mirror that led her to another dimension of humans. Through manipulation and fear, Sunset established herself as the Queen of Canterlot High Schooland plotted to return to Equestria and steal the Element of Magic from Twilight Sparkle, and use it to turn the students of Canterlot High into an army to conquer Equestria.

Twilight followed Sunset and foiled her plan, and Sunset was humbled and begged for forgiveness. Sunset eventually redeemed herself in the eyes of her peers and become The Protagonist of the Equestria Girls franchise, working alongside the human versions of the Mane Six to defend the human world against magical threats.

She keeps in contact with Princess Twilight through a pair of magical journals that can send messages to each other, and also power the portal between worlds for when she needs Twilight's help more directly. After being blasted with the power of friendship and being purified of her monstrous demon form, Sunset Shimmer emerges from the ensuing crater broken, remorseful and crying.

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Tropes to A. Sunset hangs around the Equestria Girls and provides vital input on defeating the Dazzlings, but plays more as their supporter and doesn't get on the stage with them. It is even lampshaded by the villains that Sunset is barely playing second fiddle in relation to the Rainbooms. Sunset steps in as actually part of the band at the final battle, turning the tide. Academic Alpha Bitch : Played with. Academic Athlete : A former personal student of Princess Celestia and confirmed for a genius in Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shinewho runs like the wind, handles a sledgehammer like a baseball bat, and launches herself through the air like a javelin.

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She shows this off in Friendship Games : she's a good enough academic to face Twilight Sparkle in a math-off, and a good enough athlete to compete in, and ultimately win, a motocross event. Twilight is a better scholar, barely defeating Sunset in the math-off, but she's a complete liability at sports.

The Ace : As a pony, she was one of Celestia's best pupils and apparently only second to Twilight in magical power and knowledge. As a human, she not only continues to excel at academics, but is also a skilled musician, athlete, artist, and following her reformation is one of the popular students at Canterlot High. This is all in addition to her knowledge of Equestrian magic and potentially having the strongest magic among the Equestria Girls.

All of the Other Reindeer : In Rainbow Rockseveryone in the school distrust or outright hates Sunset, including the faculty.

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The Rainbooms are the only ones to keep her company and not give her a cold shoulder, although not all of their interactions go entirely smoothly and even their trust is tested when Sunset makes a bad call which nearly costs them the competition. The Dazzlings even lampshade that her "friends" still obviously don't trust her enough to let her actually be part of the group. She even name-calls all of the Elements of Harmony in a way worthy of Captain Planet, causing them to converge into the amulet one by one as if on cue.

The whole ordeal is somewhat reminiscent of the time when Princess Celestia referred to all of the Mane Six and Pony Twilight gained understanding of their different Elements, which lead to her ascending to alicornhood. Alpha Bitch : She was the queen of Canterlot High for three years and treated everybody in school as beneath her. She stopped being this after the heroines beat her and she began to see friendship would be the better path. Alternate Self : Averted. Unlike the rest of the Equestria Girls, Sunset doesn't have a human counterpart, and a "Human Sunset" is never so much as alluded to.

Show creators were coy on the subject; the closest acknowledgement of this is Word of Saint Paul theorizing Sunset had no counterpart, as she was destined for the human world. There were later plans to reveal human Rainbow dash x sunset shimmer was displaced by the spell pony Sunset used to open the portal and what happened to them in the rejected Season 2 finale pitch. In the first movie, Sunset was sure she was the most brilliant of Celestia's students and looked down upon Twilight.

After her defeat, her self-confidence takes a serious hit, and she feels incapable of figuring out how magic in the human world works in Friendship Games and believes Twilight to be far more superior and capable. On the other hand, when it comes to things other than magic, Sunset's physical abilities seem more consistent compared to how Princess Twilight's are usually portrayed, and they seem to be on par in terms of general intelligence; as shown by her only barely losing a math competition to Human Twilight, but also being able to beat Twilight at chess, at least seemingly.

Board situation The girls' reaction to Sunset's final move indicate she's already won, but closer inspection shows Twilight can still stay in the game by moving her bishop to block Sunset's queen. Twilight also has more pieces on the board, but the game could still go either way, assuming both girls see the board the same way a more chess savvy viewer does. However, Hadley also said that this is open to fan interpretation as well, and fans can continue to just ship Sunset how they like and she doesn't "get in the way of sailing ships".

Sunset had a male love interest in Flash Sentry, but claims in Rainbow Rocks when Katrina Hadley got involved she only dated him for popularity and didn't actually have any romantic interest in him. In Legends of Everfree she and Flash became Amicable Exes and he showed interest in getting back together with her, but aside from Ship Tease moments, it's ambiguous if they're actually a couple or are Just Friends.

Also starting from Rainbow Rocksher relationship with Twilight Sparkle, and later the human Twilight, have been full of subtext. Ambition Is Evil : Her desire to become an alicorn princess drove her to villainy when Celestia refused to make her one. Amicable Exes : In Legend of EverfreeSunset and Flash are shown to be on quite good terms, despite some rough history from the films.

Flash Sentry broke up with her sometime before the events of Rainbow dash x sunset shimmer first film, and it's later implied that Twilight showing her crush on Sunset's ex while around her wouldn't be a good idea. Then in Rainbow Rocksalbeit seeming a little down at first at the mention of their history, Sunset assures her new friends that she never liked him that way and smiles with the rest of them when Twilight's crush on him becomes obvious.

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Flash, on the other hand, throws a verbal jab at Sunset while he's under the Dazzlings' Hate Plague. However, by Legend of Everfree they seem to have patched it all up, as they are able to hold a conversation and offer support to one another. In the end, Flash even suggest they could start over, as friends. She later acts on this in the "Good Vibes" segment of the Summertime Shorts, where she offers to eat her lunch with him after seeing how depressed he is.

Amnesiacs are Innocent : When all of her memories of Canterlot High are erased in Forgotten Friendshipshe would mentally be at the point in her life where she betrayed Princess Celestia to seek power. However, amnesiac Sunset is far too busy panicking over not knowing where she is or even what she is to think about anything evil, even crying out to her former mentor for help. Given Sunset is still able to harness The Power of Friendship while amnesiac, it seems her Character Development survived the loss of her memories, even if she doesn't remember acquiring it. Thankfully, she doesn't have to dwell on the issue for very long.

The best ending has Sunset reveal that she spent at least a year trapped in the time loop. Rainbow dash x sunset shimmer worst endings have her permanently trapped for all eternity, either due to breaking the MacGuffin or one of her attempts causing the time loop to go at hyper-speed around her. And Your Little Dog, Too! Subverted, as even though she does have Spike kidnapped by her flunkies, it is mainly to get Twilight where she wants her; she never truly intends to harm the dog.

Angelic Beauty : As Daydream Shimmer she exhibits several traits which are commonly attributed to humanoid angels: light-themed magic, elemental wings, gold and white attire, and only missing a glowing halo though the glowing unicorn horn sort of compensates for that.

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Human Twilight even calls this form beautiful in Legend of Everfree. Angry Animalistic Growl : Lets out a doglike snarl when she sees Twilight being praised for not giving up her crown. She does it again after her demonic transformation, as well as a hoglike squeal. It also fits her color motif and general association with fire and the sun. This continues in Friendship Games where, after absorbing magic from her friends, her transformation has energy wings and her magic is distinctly fire-looking.

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The very end has a phoenix rise up from a hill before showing stars representing Twilight and herself. Art Evolution : A subtle one to go along with Costume Evolutionbut post- Rainbow Rocks her hair is much more desaturated in color. Notably, the yellow is more a natural blonde color instead of the mustard yellow from the first two movies. Her hair gets another update as of the Digital Series, with more noticeable curls at the back, and two tendrils that reach her shoulders. The Atoner : In Rainbow Rocksshe's repentant for her behavior in the first film and is making an effort to become a better person.

Aura Vision : In Rainbow Rocksshe seems to be the only one able to see the green smoke people give off when the Dazzlings feed on them. It's what tips her off that they're using magic in the cafeteria. Tropes B to C. Badass Biker : She participates in the motocross competition with Rainbow Dash in the third movie. She shows great control over her bike and with a little help from Rainbow Dash, she manages to cross the finish line first and win the event for CHS.

Bare Your Midriff : Her beach outfit is a black bikini decorated to look like leatherwith a sarong around her hips when she doesn't plan to go swimming. Badass Bookworm : While the movies don't focus too much on the "bookworm" aspect, she is a former student of Princess Celestia and the prequel comic shows she was just as studious as Twilight.

The Dazzlings found out the hard way you shouldn't underestimate her. The novel Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine establishes her as the top student in her class, and she goes Rainbow dash x sunset shimmer against Human Twilight in the Academic Decathlon during Friendship Games. At first Midnight has the upper hand, but Sunset is able to surprise her when Spike distracts her, and thus win the struggle. Berserk Button : Her jealousy hits a breaking point when Rarity calls Twilight a real princess.

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Sunset Shimmer: Oh, yes. She's so very special! Tropes D to E. Damn You, Muscle Memory! Dark Magical Girl : Originally, she was a unicorn and Celestia's personal pupil, but she turned "cruel and dishonest" and broke up friendships seeking power. It fell to Twilight her magical girl foil to defeat her, befriend her and help her redeem herself.

Declarative Finger : In Legend of EverfreeSunset opens her mouth with this gesture as if she's about to say something regarding the nightmare Twilight had in the bus, but she's cut off by Pinkie before she gets to say it. Defeat Means Friendship : This is standard policy in Equestria, but it is particularly promising in Sunset's case at the end of Equestria Girls ; she is appalled by what her actions led to, and she has the strength of will to change.

In Rainbow Rocksthe Rainbooms are Sunset's only friends; by Friendship Gamesthe rest of the school, including the Principal Sisters, has come to accept her as well. She also begins to feel very upset about the responsibility she feels for bringing magic into the world in the first place, and her own inability to solve their current problems — all of which she thinks are either directly or indirectly her fault. She really begins to despair when Twilight is unable to answer her calls and the portal to Equestria gets closed off. In the end, she ends up taking the hero mantle, giving Midnight Sparkle her Kirk Summation Rainbow dash x sunset shimmer proceeds to stop her.

After the Climax, she has a talk with her friends and concludes that, as a Princess with responsibilities herself, Twilight can't always drop everything to come to their aid. Thus, they don't have to rely on her and can actually solve their problems on their own.

Rainbow dash x sunset shimmer

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