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Not only do the two numbskulls have a sequel, it turns out one of them has a daughter. We sat down with actress Rachel Melvin to find out what it was like to play the spawn of a kook. Melvin is making feature films now, specializing in comedy.

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In Dumb and Dumber Toshe plays Penny, the long-lost daughter of Harry Jeff Danielswho searches for her when he discovers he needs a kidney transplant. While her character Penny may not be the brightest bulb, Melvin was incredibly smart when it came to observing the talented actors she worked with. We asked her what both Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were like. Jim is one of the great comedic actors of all time. No one else can really do what he does. Melvin also told us that Carrey is very different than his celebrity persona.

He showed me a lot of sculptures and drawings that he does. The guy is a bottomless pit of talent that the world only knows half of. She said she enjoyed her downtime with Carrey because they would talk about things that mattered.

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Melvin also shared the prank she attempted to play on the Farrelly brothers, who directed the film. The idea was to make it seem like her lady business was wild and out of control, with long tufts of hair sticking out of her underpants. She ran the idea by Carrey and he gave her the green light. The amazing part of the story is that you and Jim Carrey attempted to pull off a prank together, and very few people in the world can say that.

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Rachel melvin underwear

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Rachel Melvin Underwear Scene Dumb And Dumber