Princess lover episode 1 eng sub

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Kobayashi Teppei lives a normal life with his parents until the are tragically robbed and murdered in a car wreck. Afterwards he finds out that his mother is the heiress to the vast Arima em pire. On his way to meet his grandfather and become the new heir to the Arima fortunes, Teppei sees Princess Charlotte Hazelrink falling prey to a bunch of highway robbers.

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After rescuing her, he must now find a way to fit in with the rich and powerful as Arima Teppei, heir to his grandfather's riches. For 10 years of existence, BetaSeries has become your best ally for TV shows: manage your calendar, share your latest episodes watched and discover new shows — within a one million member community.

Non OK, j'ai compris. Shows All shows Release calendar. Movies All movies Movie releases. Community Discord server Frequently asked questions About. up. Loading in progress. Noble Girl and a Horse Carriage members. Next episode. Episodes Comments Actors. Episodes 12 Season 1.

S01E02 - Academy and Reunion. S01E03 - Sword and Dance. S01E04 - Rose and Shoe. S01E05 - Sunset and Ferris Wheel. S01E07 - Fiancee and Flower Petals.

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S01E08 - Paradise and Reality. S01E09 - Red and Blue. S01E10 - Loss and Rebirth. S01E11 - Cavalry And Train.

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S01E12 - Princess Lover! Comments How do u watch the shows. How tf you watch them. I want to watch this.

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Princess lover episode 1 eng sub

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Noble Girl and a Horse Carriage