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Spoiler: Patch 1. Spoiler: NTR mod You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: Jun 8, Gummiel Well-known member. ed May 9, Messages 1, Reputation score 4, Ohh not a game I seems before, but sounds interesting, so deffinatly gonna keep an eye on this. Oir Active member. ed Mar 17, Messages Reputation score Haha you gave a hint in your other thread but had no idea what it was. Seems super interesting! Gonna keep a close eye on it! Thanks for the upcoming translation!

DBot Demon Girl. ed May 28, Messages 65 Reputation score 9. Are you talking about this? DBot said:. Well besides bug fixes I don't think there's that many changes between version 1. If you don't mind the best I could come up with was a link that actually got me to a old version of his 1. Here ya go: You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: Jan 21, ed Oct 24, Messages Pocket gal hunter download score Oh this look like an interesting game.

Will have to check it out when the translation is finished. Thanks for taking the time to work on it. DaBouncer Demon Girl. ed Jan 15, Messages Reputation score A full translation will be super interesting, and a reason to revisit it. GoldGame Member. ed May 20, Messages 46 Reputation score It's been a while since my last post. The partial should be up soon. It should translate all the item, skill, most of the battle system, and some story.

Is that really a thing? I see it has some kind of script about it, but for Wolf RPG, really?

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If you know something about it, please tell me. I'm really confused right now ed Dec 29, Messages 11 Reputation score 1. Yes, it's true, there is some kind of online match thing where if you get another users ID from their save you can battle their comp.

As for it actually being "live" I'm not so sure but it definitely has something to do with at least battling other real player comps. Spoiler: dead link You must be registered to see the links. You can find the player vs player in the arena where you can also vs NPCs which varying difficulty outside one of the cities. Same city where you can get a bike and I think the gym for that city is the one where you go up and down floors using an elevator.

Spoiler: Info about the "Data Files" attachment I'm adding in the translation files for my translation I have v1. All of them. Thing is, they don't actually lose their pokegal, so it doesn't seem to actually glitch the story any. I enabled starter pokegal netoriwhich actually needed a separate workaround. Before, even if online play worked, you couldn't steal Erona or Amore. I enabled that, and noticed that even if you steal them from your rival they're not considered your starter, meaning there seems to be no issue.

Just wait for bazeeeng to post their translation, since it's the Pocket gal hunter download translation without any of my changes. Also: I may have called Dr. Urumi a professor somewhere I can longer find. Titles and Trainer Card Icons are translated. It was annoying looking at a wall of moonrunes and wondering what it all meant.

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I translated some of the help and very few of the story choices, but more was done for Erona than Amoresince I didn't realize the code separated their dialogue to give them different speech patterns. The shady guy in the city east of Battle Dome gives you the password for the bathroom guy in Battle Dome. I translated that little exchangebut left the original password in parentheses since I couldn't find where the password was in the code.

Moves and their definitions are translated but may be inconsistentsince it seems the translation I was using had a kick for translating move names straight from their hiragana. A lot of the in-battle text was translatedbut there's still quite a lot I didn't bother with. Along the way, I found a hidden variable called something like "Relationship" that can increase based on your choices when talking with your partner. I realize it's weird releasing a translation like this right before an even bigger translation is set to be ed, so sorry if this causes some confusion.

Also, bazeeeng, if anything in this translation helps you in yours, please feel free to use it.

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I translate the "conveyed message" more than the "literal message" though, so I'm not sure if it's usable. Data files. As far as I can tell, it isn't. The code for a player's party is archived in this site sorry if there's a rule against external links :. Yeah that's what I meant by saying "can only vs their comps" which meant an archived trainer which is supposed to resemble the player by using their pokegal and stats.

Sorry if I was vague. Also yeah having that kind of system in place for this kind of game is cool but here we are a few years after release and it's obviously not sustainable lol. As for the online system, that wasn't actually their fault. That site was from an Amazon hosting site "ats.

Pocket gal hunter download

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