Pocahontas look alike

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Your'e Aurora! You have waist-length strawberry blond hair, a heart face, and dark blue eyes. You look like Snow White! Your'e short hair is black as night,with lips red as blood,skin white as snow. What Color is Your Hair? Strawberry Blonde. Dirty Blonde. What color are your eyes? Light brown. Light Blue. Dark Brown. Eye Shape? Hair Length?

Waist Length. What's your hair like? How do you usually wear your hair? With a headband.

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Just down and normal. What color do you think looks nice on you? Dark blue or green. What color are your lips naturally?

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Pale pink. Face shape?

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Lip Shape? Upper lip smaller than lower lip. Full bottom Lip. Taller than average. Smaller than average. Skin Color? Your'e Merida! You have long flowing ginger hair, light blue eyes, and fair pinkish skin. You look like Ariel!

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You have long red hair, fair skin, and lovely blue eyes. You are Cinderella! Your'e Belle! You have medium length brown hair, brown almond eyes, and fair skin. Snow White. You are Jasmine! You have long black hair, slanted brown eyes, and tan skin. You look like Pocahontas! You have long black hair, full lips, and copper skin. Facebook Comments.

Pocahontas look alike

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Pocahontas look alikes