Peach and daisy best friends

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Sorry if I offend anyone, but to be honest, Daisy's is more annoying to me. Hi I'm Daisy! Shoot me in the head if you want to kill me for saying this, Daisy is very annoying and has a very annoying voice, at least Peach isn't that annoying. Princess Daisy may have a very annoying voice, but Princess Peach is by far the worst in any respect.

But come on! And guess what? Peach and Daisy are not best friends despite multiple promises! They are now arch-rivals whom they battle aggressively. If anything Rosalinda is a clone peach. Rosalina only has the multiple eyebrow thing exactly the same with Peach. So really Rosaina has just as many differences from Peach than Daisy has if not more.

Guys, Mario is a kids game. Nobody should really be looking in this area.

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Oh, don't forget that Daisy has had too des. Tell which one you are talking about. I prefer Peach's look because of the hair cut, but look is not only very subjective, but also not the most important thing. Sure Daisy is hot, but don't bring Samus or Lara Carft into this! They're just as awesome as Daisy but Daisy is bae. Aah, whenever I'm looking for a reason to hate our fandom, I just look at this Not true.

Daisy on the other hand is the one who does nothing. She was kidnapped only once in Super Mario Land and unlike Peach, she didn't send Mario any items to help him. She only exists as the damsel in distress that Mario has to save once, and after Super Mario Land, she only appeared as a playable character in the spin off games such as Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario sports games, and Super Smash Bros.

I am not hating on Daisy, I'm just saying that she's actually the one who does nothing while Peach has appeared in more That's not true. Okay we may not get a huge look of Daisy like we do of Peach, but Peach does not do nothing. Daisy and Peach both rule their kingdoms. That's probably really hard work, so there is a reason there.

Please don't bring up that, "Oh, Peach gets kidnapped. So she does nothing! Peach sometimes writes letters to Mario, so she does do something while being kidnapped.

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One of the letters in Super Mario 3D Land does show her knocking over some goombas with her parasol and another letter shows her trying escape Bowser's castle. So, Peach does do stuff. Yes, and I think using an umbrella needs more force. Do these not count? Even more of a laugh than the voice thing. Daisy wasn't even present in the "millions" of times Peach got kidnapped. And Peach has 2 reliable sources of helping on adventures, Super Princess Peach and Super Mario 3d World, meanwhile Daisy has stuck to sports, without any trace of her.

If Daisy was really that brave she would. Have taken down Bowser easily, or at least act like a guardian for her. Speaking of, Daisy protecting Peach is a splended idea! Again, it's purely subjective. Those two colors are not my favorites anyway. Orange is perfect for a tomboy like her but pink is too girly for her. Color doesn't make a character better than the other. Why does Princess Daisy et so much hate and Princess Peach an aggressively existent fanbase?!

Are you kidding me? I'm a Daisy fan, but some of you fans go a little over the top to try to prove your point with very fake reasons. So Peach is not as hyper as Daisy, but she's does participate in the same sports games and the Mario Parties.

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Okay, maybe not Mario Party E, but she was still in it. Just don't try to prove your point with fake reasons, the don't end very well. People who think that peach is a tomboy and daisy is a girly girl is totally wrong. Just because peach wears blue and acts all tough doesn't mean that she is a tomboy and just because daisy loves flowers and acts sassy doesn't mean that she is a girly girl. Peach care about being perfect while daisy dosen't.

Tomboys do not care about their looks. Daisy is also richer than peach just too let you know. Peach is too greedy. Not in smash. Comparing the lines Peach has I conic ones like "oh, did I win? Meanwhile Daisy just kinda twirls around and making noises. Smash proves Peach is interesting in my opinion. Daisy was said that she is Peach and daisy best friends tomboy of course.

It's only just that Daisy doesn't do what a boy actually does it's only that Daisy can be a bit sassy sometimes, but her voices in some games can be a bit boyish I mean Peach is already a girly girl and daisy is the tomboy. I know some of you guys might think that daisy is not really a tomboy but I have seen some games that show that Daisy is a tomboy. Peach is too girly and Daisy is the coolest princess in Mario. I love how Daisy was said that she's a princess who acts tomboyish and how she acts in some games.

Princess Peach is the direct opposite of Superman who is useless and can't do anything accurately. I can't stand stereotypical peach. Daisy actually has a likeable character! Note that this is a long comment. All Daisy has is Flower Power to defend herself. Also, you're saying the same crap of which being that she knocked Bowser in the air in Mario Party 3. First, Peach has Heart Magic so that can't be counted as something Peach doesn't have. Second, are you forgetting that Peach knocked Bowser into the sky as well in the end of her game something Daisy doesn't have or are you saying that Daisy's punch counts and not Peach knocking Bowser into the sky with her Parasol?

Third, Speaking of knocking Bowser into the sky, Super Princess Peach would count as canon and Mario Party, including 3, is a spinoff of which would mean it's less relevant. Before you go saying Empress Peach then wouldn't be to relevant either as Mega Strikers in technically a soccer spinoff, her Mega Strike isn't her only magical attribute. If we were to subtract the spinoff games from their stats battle experience still countsPeach would still win easily Long version, More like 5x weaker. Daisy has punched Bowser into the sky but Peach has whacked him several miles away with her parasol.

I saw someone try to say "since Peach and daisy best friends made him fly faster while Peach made him swirl slowly shouldn't Daisy be stronger? And those saying Perry did the work, that's also wrong. Perry can stun and eat enemies but not send them miles away. Even if he did that still makes Perry a serious force to be reckoned with.

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And those who call Daisy more athletic, even so Peach has still had heavy participation in sports that no normal person can accomplish. And both play the same games together, including swimming, figure skating, soccer and the like. Sleep inducing Yes it's a spin off, but it's still mostly a Mario title as it also mostly has Mario characters Mario, luigi, dk, rosalina, dr. Mario, peach in it while from other Nintendo games they usually have two - three other characters.

And there's really nothing stopping them from putting her in the seas series, but Nintendo sees how unimportant and useless sne'd really be in there as her stupid flower abilities are only for show. Again, Daisy is not a tomboy, she is just less girly than Peach.

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If you ask to me, Peach is a better role model in the first two Paper Mario games, by showing that you don't need amazing strenght or athletic abilities to be able to help people during hard times. Yes all the way! Daisy is kind, sassy, and energetic, and shows girls all over the world that being a tomboy isn't a bad thing.

Her confidence brims with positivity, and it's nice to have a female character that isn't girly or pink. She teaches girls to be strong and to be yourself. Daisy isn't afraid to be herself and other girls should Peach and daisy best friends like her that way. Daisy can be a little sassy but more tomboyish. Peach is too girly and too many people like her. Daisy should have been in smash bros instead of peach because of her personality and she is strong and not one of the girly princesses.

Problem is, she only appears in sports excluding the game where that wasn't her personality so it goes half unnoticed anyway. There is nothing wrong with being polite. Me: Hello Luigi, do you know Daisy kissed Mario the first time they met! Luigi: What?! Me: Yeah! I know it must be hard for you Luigi. Luigi: Eh! I didn't spend a lot of time with her anyway. So basically Peach needs to date Luigi only him specificallyotherwise she is automatically a bad person? Couples are irrelevant to the topic, and plus, not everyone likes the Daisy X Luigi couple.

Their relationship has been going strong since the Mario movie from the 90s. Maybe that's the reason she is stronger and athletic than peach. Do I really need to explain this one? I don't feel Peach is stupid, she is more weak and scared. Actually, a good argument to dislike Peach is that she is very inconsistent. In one game she got captured in seconds, and in another she kick the ass of everybody. I would have prefer if she was just a princess that doesn't know how to defend herself.

That's why the first two Paper Mario games are Peach's best appearance, it's because they knew how to make her weak but still shines in some scenes.

Peach and daisy best friends

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