Oriental massage stories

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A year ago I had my first Asian massage. I arrived at the place about in the afternoon. It was January in St. The lobby was done in a cheap Asian fashion. Supposed to look like China Oriental massage stories guess. There were several young and attractive Asian girls I assumed Chinese that I could see down the hall.

They were dressed black pants, sandals and white muscle shirts. Quite honestly, I looked forward to them having their hands on me for an hour. I was shown to my room where I was told to disrobe and lie face down on the table. The door opened and the lights were dimmed. She pulled out a warm sheet and draped it over my body. Then she got to my lower half she removed the sheet and went to work on my butt. She put oil on my hamstrings and went to work. She brushed my testicles several times while doing this.

She then said turn over and so I did. I was totally exposed.

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She had moved the sheet to do my lower body. The sheet was put back over my waist and she put a warm towel over my eyes like a blindfold. She started with my shoulders then moving to my chest and arms using ample amounts of warm oil on my body. She then went to do the front of my legs starting with the left leg and then moving to the right. I hang to the right and I felt her pick up my penis and move it while she rubbed my upper thighs.

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Her hands would tickle down my body and stop at my pubic hair. It was very frustrating and soon my penis stood at full attention. She smiled at my look of shock. Then she cupped my balls in her left hand and pulled on my cock with her right hand. As if all in a days work she then took a hot wet towel and wiped me clean from head to toes and then exited.

I wrote this just as it happened. You can judge for yourself. for Free! Asian Massage "My first Asian massage" 13 Votes Score 4. Published 3 years ago.

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The sheet was moved down and covered my knees as she moved up to my stomach area. True masturbation.

Oriental massage stories

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My First Asian Massage Parlor