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2 Temari and Mirai got pretty close; it was only one vote short. Temari double checked the contents in her bag to make sure that she had everything she needed for Naruto x temari fanfic trip. Putting a hand to her chin, she began to mentally tick off everything from her things-to-bring list. After some thought, she felt that she was forgetting something…. Temari looked over her shoulder to see her husband standing at the doorway. He had his hands in his pockets in a relaxed manner.

Temari shot him an annoyed look. Temari gasped and snapped her fingers. Temari headed over to the cupboard and rummaged through the drawer and took out a photo album, holding it up high in triumph. She had compiled their family photos that were taken over the past two years into a photo album for her brothers to keep. Temari wanted to give it to them personally and took it as a great opportunity for her to visit her hometown. This would be her first visit in nearly 3 years. She put the photo album into her bag straight away in case she would leave it behind and zipped the bag.

When he pulled back, he chuckled. Temari let out a small groan. She thought that by doing so it would have mentally prepared him for the day of her departure but she was disheartened to learn from Shikamaru that Shikadai had came crying to him last night when he saw her bag on the bed. It would be an understatement to say that Shikadai was close to Temari, because, he had been attached to her ever since the day he was born.

Shikadai always wanted his mom for himself and would become unhappy if she did not pay attention to him. Now that she thought about it, Temari had never stayed apart from Shikadai before. Although she had been so worried of his reaction, she was starting to query her own feelings on leaving him behind. Temari sighed deeply. Besides, during this time of the year, the temperature there could soar up to 45 degrees Celsius. Shikamaru did not answer her and gently stroked her hair instead and gave her shoulder a little squeeze.

He offered her a sympathetic look. With a heavy heart, Temari made her way to the living room where Shikadai was happily playing with his toys. He looked up when his mother entered and his eyes immediately spotted the bag that she was carrying on her shoulders. He clumsily got up and toddled towards his mother. Temari knelt down and reached out her arms to pull him into a hug. After struggling to release himself from her clutch, Shikadai looked at her with an almost-too-serious expression for a two and a half-year old.

He looked like was about to cry. Temari struggled to keep a calm face. She wanted to choose her words carefully, but found that it was too difficult to say no. Thankfully, Shikamaru answered Shikadai for her. The place Kaa-chan is going is no fun. Temari had to suppress the urge to roll her eyes at that snide remark. Little Shikadai stared at her as if to ask for a confirmation to whether that statement was true or not.

Temari took a deep breath. This was hard. He was now rubbing his wet eyes with the back of his tiny hands, all the while nodding to whatever she was saying. Temari smiled. Her boy was strong. Shikamaru reached down and carried him into his arms. Temari sighed heavily. Temari straighten up then readjusted the bag on her shoulder. They accompanied her to the Genken where she proceeded to wear her sandals. Shikamaru waved goodbye and so did Shikadai while sniffing back tears. Was it okay for her to go?

Will he start wailing if she Naruto x temari fanfic through the door? Maybe she should stay, and go another time once Shikadai is older?

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Doubt filled her heart and it became more difficult to turn her back on her son. That was, until she heard him utter in a small voice:. Her boy will be alright, she thought to herself. He had Shikamaru to look after him and even so, she would be back in no time. She silently thanked Shikadai for saying those words for it was like he was telling her to not worry about him, and have a good time.

Her heart grew warm and amiably, she replied to her son. Taking one last look at her husband and child, and knowing that everything will be fine, Temari exited her house with much lighter heart— ready to see her brothers. Temari is such a great mom and Shikadai loves Temari so much. Anyways, stay tuned for my Temari and Mirai fanfic.

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As always, thank you for reading. Hey, thanks for the feedback! I know! Baby Shikadai is so adorable and I love him to death. XD I really like your second idea anon so I decided to write it down. The arid and sunburnt barren land of Sunagakure; eternal desert stretching for miles and miles. The intense sun blazes down on this harsh yet amazingly beautiful wilderness of red rocks, the incredible feeling of being the only person with a heart beating within miles sets in.

The landscape never changes, it stays the same; no wind, no rain, just stale raw air. Inconceivable formations of canyons and immense rock structures set in the distance, circling the desert. Every time her eyes wander back to study the distant rocky landscape it seems as if it were merely a projection onto the horizon. It almost feels unreal. Temari had been travelling at a fast pace for nearly three days, following a route that she had gone back and forth countless of times prior to migrating to Konoha.

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The harsh sun beating down on her, did nothing to dampen her excitement and enthusiasm to meet her brothers; to breathe the air of her homeland once more. She was almost there; she could see the the single cleft between the two cliff faces, that was the lone passage in and out of the village hidden in the Sand. It was their usual way of greeting, there was no need for formalities like bowing he or hugging, and she preferred it Naruto x temari fanfic way. Her visit was meant to be short since she needed to go home within a week and the fact that the journey home would take another 3 days at the very least did not help at all.

As much as she wanted to stay longer, she could not allow her herself such liberty. Temari rolled her eyes and punched her brother on the shoulder lightly. A worried mom! Once again, Temari rolled her eyes. Even if she had said that, she actually did not want Kankuro to change his care-free personality. She missed those times. Without bothering to knock, Kankuro turned the door knob to enter. Guess who I found on the way here? The office was rather plain-looking with only a few pots of cacti serving as decorations. In the middle of the room, was a large desk that was covered with high stacks of paper everywhere and they looked like they could topple at any moment.

Behind the desk, sat a red-haired man who raised his head from his work when they entered. Her brother looked like he was brutally deprived of sleep but was still smiling gently nevertheless. As opposed to Kankuro, her youngest brother was a mild-mannered man who spoke to her with extreme politeness. She thought that Kankuro should learn a thing or two from him. Behind her, Kankuro snorted. Temari ignored that comment and walked towards the sofa. She slipped her bag off her shoulders to search for the photo album; the main purpose of her visit.

Kankuro was the first to react; he eagerly went over to her at the sofa and attempted to snatch the album from her hands. But Temari slapped his hands away, glaring at him.

Naruto x temari fanfic

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