My girlfriend wants to peg me

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Pegging is having a bit of a moment right now. For the uninitiated, pegging is basically when a man gets shagged up the bum with a strap on dildo. As alien as it sounds the appeals of pegging are pretty obvious.

For one, cisgender men are in possession of a prostate, and having that stimulated feels fucking great. And, you know, some hetero men are submissive — and what better way to express that then arching your back and swapping roles?

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But what about the other lovely straight men of this country? Granted the freedom of an anonymous survey would they confess that deep deep down they just really wanted to be pegged? Not against other people doing it, you do you, but definitely not my cup of tea.

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Try everything once I guess? Definitely would have to be steps in between as well, not going straight for it.

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Strap-on adventure babie sold separately. I guess the take from that is that we have these deeply ingrained ideas in society of what the roles are in a straight relationship. Although, I have experimented with some lesser sorts of ass play before. Featured Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay.

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My girlfriend wants to peg me

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My gf wants to peg me I am not at all interested but she swears I'll love it