My girlfriend dressed me up as a woman

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She wants the full thing to make me look like an actual girl, not just small dressup or drag.

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Shaving, Makeup, Clothes, and other. I am sort of reluctant to do this but i love her and she said we will have fun. She wants to go shopping for makeup, clothes, etc. We have some money to spend so that is not a problem. If any girls can help us out that would be great. I am about 5'9" and pounds.

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I have dirty blonde hair almost to my neck. If anyone has any ideas to help out like clothing and makeup ideas links? If anyone has done this before, can you give an idea of what the expirence was like and a picture of the boy afterwards so i know what i'm getting into. This doesn't prove the you love her, it just shows how whipped she got you.

So i say take a stand and offer to buy her the makeup and not for you.

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Picking out what clothes to wear is the most fun part! There's no magical sort of outfit that will make you look more feminine, it just depends on what looks good on you. Definitely go really girly though.

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Like a dress with tights under it. One of those baggy dresses might be great because it will cover up your boyish sort of figure. For your hair, don't wear a wig, just get your gf to curl it for you and put it back with a band or some clips.

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I find it interesting that all the questions I've seen about this are claiming that their girlfriends are making them do it, most frequently from losing a bet, or occasionally like this, just "she wants me to". Yet there's no women asking about what they have to do when they lose these bets Is it just easier to try to make it sound like it's someone else's responsibility?

By all means, dress however you like. I'm just to the point of rolling my eyes when I see another "well I lost a bet and have to dress like a girl now and I really want it to look good I never really helped out with that but his ex before me did. It's really not that big of a deal I'd have to see what you looked like to help with ideas of clothing and stuff Just tell her that you'll only put on a dress, some heels, and a wig because doing that other stuff like shaving is going way too far. I understand why she wants to do it though because she probably thinks it's funny and I would personally do this to my boyfriend too.

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If you're just using that as an excuse to dress in drag, then don't make excuses. It's perfectly okay to try things out and have fun. Just don't let any crazy Christians catch you. If you're not, talk to her about it and tell her that it's just not your thing. If she really loves you, she'll understand.

OMG, you need to dump your girlfriend, she is making a fool out of you I say you ditch her while your at the mall. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. May 2, thanh. Source s : I've got some personal experience, but didnt take any pictures for obvious reasons. If you're actually doing this for your girlfriend then I would be asking her about it.

Well, you first need to decide if you are comfortable with this. If you are, well I can help you because I'm 5'9" also. Try going to WalMart if you don't want to spend a bundle. You'll find everything you need under one roof, and it won't burn a hole in your pocket. Do you really have a girl friend, or is this your way of coming half way out of the closet? October 10, thanh.

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