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In the entertainment industry, the only thing better than success is seeing people around you doing big things. From Tokyo 24, to b. The UK model has been state side since June, and has been tearing up the east coast from the minute she stepped foot in the US. Check out her interview on This Is 50 Radio, when even Fif himself pops in to say a few words.

F, trends, and things people pick up off of YouTube all come and go.

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However, I am and have been working on a mix CD, to release with my buddy Carmel Candy sometime this summer. I pitched Candy the idea in March, and anyone who knows me personally knows how much of a perfectionist I am. So keep in mind, this is the full version of the song. So click the pic to take a listen. And Candy, I would have let you hear it first, but Model carmel candy threatened my life, lol. After featuring the lovely Carmel Candy on the blog, we spoke for a bit, and I decided she was the one. Down to Earth, friendly, and full of personality, Candy has a lot on her plate professionally, if you want to keep up with her, or talk to her yourself, just hit her up on facebook, or on twitter modelCarmelCndyfrom acting, to singing, to owning her own business, Candy is much more than just a model from the UK.

Urban Modeling in the UK, is almost none exsistant. The media here are crazy- they only want slim girls with big breast. They are not much into curves over here! Dont get me wrong men love the curves here, but the media does not.

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Women are meant to be womanly!!! Thats why Im going to try my luck in the US, as they seem to love the curves!!! I thought if I can make money out of it, why not?? Was it a long time nickname someone gave you, or just a stage name? CC: This is a funny one, My best friend has very dark skin, and I call her silky because her skin is as soft as silk, and she would call me — Caramel, as I have caramel coloured skin, and we had fun with it.

My real name is Candice, so after a play around with a few different ideas I came up with Carmel Candy. Im as tasty as caramelised Candy treat! And thats the truth!! CC: I am Mixed Race.

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I take after my mother- but I get my body from my jamaican father, and I aint complaining!! CC: My favourite photoshoot is one I did the other week. In a swimming pool- in the UK we dont have swimming pools outside! The water is everywere and they are very cheeky!!! You will love them!!

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They are my best so far!! That would be my dream!! That would mean everyone would get to see me, and really Model carmel candy my face out there! My dream destination would be on a beach in Miami- that would be so special!!

I get excited thinking about it!! DJS: When your not modeling, what else do you like to do in your spare time? CC: I run my own e-commerce business. I started it up a year ago and it seams to be taking off. I also love to perform. I do reguler acting lessons. It is also my dream to become a successful actress. And like all women, I love to shop till I drop, and I like to go on dates and be wined and dined!

So, I happen to know that music and dancing are some of your other passions, what types of dance do you specialize in? CC: I love to dance. I like best just to free style, as thats when I can best express myself! The sexier the music the better!

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I love to shake my ass!! DJS: What type of music do you sing, and who in the music community would you like to work with down the road? I would like to work with anyone!!! CC: I like all kinds of music! I studied Musical Theatre when I was in college too.

Any thing I can dance too. CC: Yeah my degree was a great experience for me to gain. It taught me many things- and really re-affirmed in my head that I want to be on screen performing. It also taught me how to grow up and become an adult. I think University really helps me come into the real world, and realize your resonsibilites as an adult! I would tell anybody that they should get their education first! DJS: Education is always the key when it comes to moving ahead, and accomplishing your goals in life… Its interesting that you say school solidified your decision to want to be on screen, is Hollywood one of the places the world should look for you next?

A, shes gorgeous, but B, she has used her success from being a video vixen, to further her career as a rapper amongst other things so, the sky is the limit!!! I believe my modeling can take me to the next level. DJS: I believe so too. CC: I will be in New York in June this year, to meet some agents as I am Model carmel candy looking for a professional with all the right contacts! I already have some photo shoots lined up. I want to go and party the New York way, and meet some great people and have the time of my life!

Address:. for updates. DJ Storm's Blog www. Just having a pretty face can only get people so far in Model carmel candy. Having a good business mind, direction for your vision, and an unstopable work ethic are all things needed to make it. Being able to stop taking yourself too seriously, drop your guard and have fun may not be the only key to success, but it damn sure makes things more fun.

Luckily, for a singing, business owning, knockout model, a bit of fun is never a bad thing. About a week ago, my boy The U. The spoof shows Candy displaying her radiant sense of humor, and shaking the ass that has helped gain some of her fans.

When I asked her about it, this is what she said. With this video I just wanted to show that I have a fun side, whilst still being able to be sexy. This video really shows that I am a performer at heart. Tony Yayo Goes Planking? Click The Pic to Download. B is for regular humans. Random Post. for random post. Metal Mosaics.

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Model carmel candy

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