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My friend Mlp vore digest a constricting snake of some sort; a huge one, too. To this day I'm not sure how his two dogs survived in the same house; I guess they were smart enough to avoid it when it was allowed to be loose. It did manage to eat someone's wallet, though. Also, I was disappointed that the cover image was a lie. There was no hypnosis at all, unless someone hypnotized Twilight to be stupid that day. Don't you go tardy none on them pets, or you get the noms! Short for "voraphilia" or "vorarephilia": a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive.

Yes, I spent a full 5 seconds to look that up! That just proves how true the second trigger word is. And right this second, all those things work except the math team flashbacks, which are vaguely horrific. I have the most confused girlboner I've ever had.

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Now, I just need to figure out why girls in real life don't find me as appealing. Is it because I keep feeding them to my python? As for the math bit, I was thinking that'd make a great story. R is for really warm, slick, and moist! E Mlp vore digest for eating—everyone! Philia is to make it sound coooooooler!

Here in the deep blue sea. I don't know what to tell you. I know porn isn't for all occasions, but it certainly got me married. What are the odds? Also, yeah, if I write more Trixie slice of lifes where she's happy and everything is right in the world, I would not only find a wife, I would be featured on EQD! I so want to name my kids after the mane six I wrote this for the lulz as a one hour challenge I'm gonna re-write it eventually to be much better, and have smaller plot holes and more plot Mlp vore digest.

Well that was sort of anti-climactic. I'm sure that no one could possibly notice a pony sized bulge and infer that the Python might have eaten Twilight Also, things down there take a while to digest so unless she's already dead she'd probably have done something about it. She most definitely did not leave early for the Crystal Empire. Since when do snakes suddenly decide to eat those taking care of them, seriously? S I just realized that this is a just a weird story for the sake of it Well this was But I have two questions.

Why spike did not post twilight from inside? I am sure she can put two and two and two and two together this is not mistake, I ment that. So in this continuity alicorns not only aren't necessarily immortal I think I'd prefer this one if she was still a unicorn, maybe. Not much I can say. And since is the very first vore fic I've read, you can bet I'm clapping as hard as I can right now. I'm fine with Twilight dying because of her own stupidity. But I feel sorry for Spike. Was it necessary to kill him? After a meal like that, the snake should have been unable to move at all, much less feel hungry.

Regidar and skeeter are together on this :. No horror movie, creepy pasta or real life horror has ever disturbed me as much as this story. That uneasy feeling created by this story has haunted me for Mlp vore digest. I couldnt eat sleep or work properly. Everthing because the mental image burned itself into my brain along with the imagination of how all of this would feel in rl. Or lack of air Or breaking bones Ether that or the acid would sooner or later flow into him mouth, nose, ass, eyes and digest him from the inside, only leaving the scales.

They are going to have to put me back into therapy. I'd love a sequel to this where the snake has Fluttershy for a meal. Maybe even the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Add tragedy to the tags, because main characters die. Oh and this outcome is impossible until twi was fully digested the snake would be unable yo lunge, and why didn't twi stab the inside of the snake with her horn? generated in 0.

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Not my thing, but I imagine it was good for someone who liked vore. Admiral Stoic Rum. You mentioned Pete having venom

Mlp vore digest

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