Misty picture explosion

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This was to involve setting off tons of ANFO inside a tunnel at the Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site ostensibly to help in the development of deep-penetrating conventional weapons to defeat facilities involved in the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction.

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The agency insisted that the event was not related in any way to nuclear effects testing, despite the obvious potential value in the development of bunker-busting nuclear weapons, as highlighted in a of press reports at the time. InDTRA formally canceled the test in the face of controversy over its intended purpose and concerns that it could launch radioactive dustleftover from nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site, into the atmosphere.

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James Tegnelia said in a statement on Feb. No matter what Divine Strake's actual intended purpose might have been, it, along with Minor Scale and these other tests, all remind us of the immense destructive power that conventional explosives can produce, as was on full display during the recent tragic events in Beirut.

Misty picture explosion

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