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This mission was marked in your iDroid as a high-priority mission Important Side-Ops. It's not required to complete the first chapter of the main storyline main missionsbut if you complete it, Quiet will become a full-fledged companion. Availability: This mission should automatically unlock when you complete the fourteenth mission of the main storyline Lingua Francabut only when captured Quiet alive during Cloaked in Silence.

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After getting back Mgs5 quiet cell the Mother Base, go to the Medical Platform. Search for the stairs, as shown on the above screenshots, which lead to the cell on the lower deck. Approach the cell with Quiet inside and listen to the conversation with Ocelot. Afterwards, when you try to leave the Mother Base, a cutscene will initiate and Quiet will be "promoted" to a full-fledged companion Buddy.

It means, that you will be able to take her along on missions from now on. Rewards: GMPQuiet becoming a full-fledged companion. Availability: This side op should be unlocked by making progress in the game and completing side ops. Description: Reach the Da Ghwandai Khar town from any side and start infiltrating it. You can eliminate the enemies or avoid them. The hostage is kept in the same place where you found Miller in the first main mission - a building shown in the screenshot above. There are two enemies in the building, you can kill them with quick shots or, for example, cooperating with D-Dog.

Approach the hostage, rescue him and get him out of the village.

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Call for the helicopter and put him inside to finish this side op. It's not mandatory, but if you complete it, you will be able to research the Children upgrade for the fultoning device, allowing you to extract kids as well. Availability: This mission should automatically unlock when you complete the twenty-sixth mission of the main storyline Hunting Down. Eli can be Mgs5 quiet cell in the upper level, and as soon as you approach him, he will start running away. You can find Eli on your own, or by using night-vision goggles, so that the target will be easier to spot the above screenshot.

In order to defeat Eli, you will have to hit him a few time in melee combat, or perform a of throws on him. Make use of sprint as well, as it will allow you to get to him easier when you locate him. Rewards: GMPthe ability to complete the Children upgrade for the fultoning device. Availability: This mission should automatically unlock with your progress in the main storyline. Description: The group of enemies is scattered around in open field, to the South of the Da Ghwandai Khar village.

There are five soldiers, Mgs5 quiet cell well as a tank here. You should sneak up on the enemies, as one of them is wielding a sniper rifle. Try to locate him as quickly as possible and get rid of the threat it's advised to use a silenced sniper rifle to do so. The other enemies should be either knocked unconscious, or killed. If you were noticed, immediately focus on the enemy tank, as the crew inside will be able to kill Big Boss easily. Availability: this mission unlocks automatically as you progress through the game and complete side ops.

Description: You complete this mission to the east of Lamar Khaate Palace. It is more difficult, because you are on a desert and there are no places to hide besides dunes. The best way is to rely on crawling to decrease the chance of being detected. First, locate the sniper, who should be near one of the trees. Get rid of him and then start dealing with other targets there are eight of them in total.

The best way to get rid of the tank is to sneak up to it and Fulton it. If you don't have a proper upgrade, you can destroy the tank, but make sure that you stand in a safe place. Availability: this mission unlocks automatically as you progress through the game you have to unlock the map of Africa and complete side ops. Description: You complete this mission in Aabe Shifab Ruinsbut you will probably see a gunship flying over the area on your way.

It is one of the targets in the mission. If you want to, you can attack it right away. Do it far away from the ruins not to alarm other enemies. Also, try to eliminate the gunship with a single hit so that the pilot has no chance to escape. There are five other targets in the ruins.

You can start from dealing with the soldiers or focus on the tank first. The best option is to Fulton it. No matter how you choose to act, try not to raise the alarm, because the tank can very quickly kill Big Boss and enemies can also use mortars. Availability: This mission should automatically unlock with your progress in the main storyline and by completing other secondary missions. Description: It's one of the more difficult side ops missions in the game. There are nine targets to eliminate here. First things first, focus on eliminating the seven soldiers located in the deated area a few of them use sniper rifles and they are Mgs5 quiet cell on top of the nearby hill.

Try to, at all costs, eliminate them while staying hidden, otherwise you will make the whole encounter a lot more difficult. After you've dealt with the soldiers or at least with most of themapproach the enemy tank from behind and fulton it if you don't Mgs5 quiet cell the CARGO 2 upgrade completed, attach C4 to the tank and detonate them from a safe distance. Afterwards, there's only one target remaining - a helicopter flying over the area. Try to use the best rocket launcher to take out the vehicle, so that the enemy pilot has no chance to get away from the battlefield.

Note - if the helicopter or the tank notices you, stop sneaking and take an aggressive approach and attack them, as both of those machines can easily kill Big Boss in a matter of seconds. Description: It is best to reach Nova Braga Airport from south-west. When heading towards it, you should notice a gunship flying over the area.

It is good to shoot it down now. Deal with it far away from the airport at least metersto ensure that you don't alarm other enemies. When you are on the airport territory, head straight to the main building that you already know from a lot of missions. On the roof, there are two snipers and the best way to get rid of them is to sneak up to them and kill or knock them out.

After dealing with the snipers, take care of the tanks travelling around the airport. At the end, get rid of all the regular soldiers. Don't hurry and neutralize them one by one. Availability: This mission should become available automatically with your progress into the game you need to unlock the map of Africa and after you have completed the remaining side missions. Description: You complete this mission Eastwards of outpost 2. After you get there, try to identify the two enemy tanks, in the first place.

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Ignore them, as for now. Instead, focus on eliminating regulars in the nearby village there are six of them in there. Avoid engaging larger groups and assault only single soldiers, who can be killed or fultoned afterwards. Eliminate the two tanks towards the very end of the mission, when there only are enemy soldiers remaining.

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Of course, the best thing to do here is fulton the tanks, using CARGO 2 upgrade, but if you do not have that, or if you have already alarmed the enemies to your presence, you can use, e. Description: The mission takes place to the South-East of outpost 1. Do not hurry to get there, because there are several snipers around and they are quite well-hidden you can use the help of D-Dog to locate them.

While sneaking up to successive snipers, you should especially watch out for the helicopter hovering over the entire area.

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After you successfully deal with snipers, sneak towards the two tanks parked here. The final target that you take on should be the helicopter. If possible, take it down in one shot use a good rocket launcherto make sure that the pilot does not escape the mission area.

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All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Table of Contents. Make use of throws and melee attacks. Quickly locate and eliminate the enemy sniper. Reach the sniper first.

Shoot the gunship down. Fulton the tank if you can.

Mgs5 quiet cell

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