Men caught with their pants down

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Drunk and drugged-up Trevor Smith was seen 'thrusting his hips' towards the object before sitting on top of it. A man caught with his pants down 'trying to have sex with a plastic cone' in a train station lift has been spared jail. Drunk and drugged-up Trevor Smith was seen 'thrusting his hips' towards the object before sitting on top of it by shocked staff at Wigan North Western station on April Two workers then saw the year-old sitting on the floor with his trousers and underpants pulled down, with an upturned cone on his lap.

When quizzed about the bizarre incident, he told the officers his trousers had simply 'fallen down'. The court heard that at around 9. As they looked through the lift's window, they saw Smith sitting on the floor with the cone on his lap. I have not seen anything like that in all my time working on the railways. In victim impact statements, the pair said they were 'disgusted and appalled' by what they saw.

One told the court Smith was 'clearly' under the influence of drugs and did not appear to be aware of what he was doing. While Men caught with their pants down of the workers contacted British Transport Police BTPthe other tried to stop people from seeing what was happening. Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting, said: "When the lift door opened, the defendant was now on top of the cone and appeared to be thrusting his hips as though he was having sex with it. A snap-bag of drugs was also found on the lift floor and, as a result, Smith was arrested on suspicion of a drugs offence.

No further action was taken on that matter. Smith told police he had spent the hours leading up to the incident drinking heavily and watching football. Friends thought that he was getting 'down' so they gave him some white powder, which Smith believed to be cocaine, to perk him up, the court heard. He told officers he had gone to catch the train home and entered the lift thinking it was a locked room and that was all he could remember. The first, incame after a female neighbour saw Smith performing a sex act naked while 'on all fours' on the roof of a kitchen in Bickershaw Lane, Wigan.

He received a conditional discharge from magistrates, but was arrested again in after being found performing an indecent act while covered in a blanket inside a car in Gordon Street, Leigh. When asked to stop by a passer-by, Smith refused and continued to pleasure himself for a period of up to 40 minutes.

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Gareth Bellis, defending, called on Judge Martin Walsh to let Smith off with a suspended sentence, as well ordering him to attend a drug Men caught with their pants down alcohol rehabilitation programme. He said his client had recently been offered a job at a Wigan-based plumbing firm, which was dependent on him avoiding jail. Mr Bellis said: "It will not have gone unnoticed that all convictions relate to drugs or alcohol. This offence directed relates to drugs and alcohol.

He has been offered a job by a plumbing company in Ince, Wigan. Smith had ly appeared before magistrates in Wigan, where he pleaded guilty to outraging public decency during the drunken incident. His case was sent to Crown Court after magistrates decided that, in light of Smith's offending, their powers were not sufficient to sentence him. He has also been made subject to a curfew between the hours of 8pm and 6am and told he must take part in a drug rehabilitation programme for up to 30 weeks. Judge Walsh told him: "In a lift which the public had access to, you had bared the bottom half of your body and simulated sexual intercourse with an item akin to a traffic cone.

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Men caught with their pants down

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Caught With Their Pants Down