Maud pie voice

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Brony Days over in France has got a special little surprise for you all today! After putting together an obstacle course incorporating all of their favorite things, Pinkie demonstrates how it goes. Ponify your life with our great My Little Pony apparel and accessories, and be the sharpest-looking pony in Equestria.

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Article from equestriadaily. Prior to being cast as Maud, Nilson had long expressed a desire to have a role in the series. Listen to your favorite tunes with the Rainbow Dash ear bud headphones. You'll also find a great selection of other MLP clothes, including pajamas. Shipping and handling. She is voiced by Ingrid Nilson.

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There's even a cozy Rainbow Dash bathrobe. When Pinkie's friends try to befriend Maud, they tell Pinkie that they just can't connect with her. With her single eyelash on each eye, Maud shares her eye de with many female Crystal Ponies.

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Her name is a play on mud pie, a popular dessert that originated in the state of Mississippi. Maud's cutie mark is a rock cut into a diamond-like shape, closely resembling the shape of Tom the rock. Our Rainbow Dash kids' hoodie sweatshirt comes with a mane, wings and tail. Pity Ingrid Nilson can't do Austrian accents for her characters. She is voiced by Ingrid Nilson, who also voiced her other sisters, Limestone and Marble. Ingrid Nilson. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Jessica Ortiz. For when it's cold outside, we have warm hoodie sweatshirts. Forgotten Friendship premiered on Discovery Family on February 17, Vote Rainbow Dash for president, or attract the attention of male Bronies and turn he with our My Little Pony tank top. At PonyconBrooklyn NY.

Maud pie voice

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