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You are expected to be a man. You ARE a man. But you want to be girly. You want to wear dresses, skirts, lingerie, heels, cute outfits, etc. You want pretty hair, smooth skin, a softer walk and gentler mannerisms. But is all lost? Before I post, I want to give a quick nod of gratitude to the many fabulous girly boys who chimed in and shared their thoughts.

This list is a combined effort and not one i could have come up with on my own. Also, I would encourage you not to try and implement everything. Just try a few of these ideas, even if it is one at a time. Get smooth and fine. I personally enjoy shaving my upper legs and trimming my lower legs. I wish I could shave the entire bit.

I keep my chest, topside of hands, and armpits shaven and even shave the underside of my forearms. Shave your groin too and keep the hair above that area short and groomed. Additionally, you could try your hand at plucking eyebrows to a thin, but subtle arch.

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I used to do this without any question. Just make sure you pluck eyebrows at a time when no one will see you with temporary reddish plump from the plucking. It goes without saying that man-hair problems should be taken care of anyway.

Keep the nose trimmed and the ears plucked. Ear hair is gross. Other options include, but are not limited to body lotions and conditioners, bleaching what hair you keep, and being conscientious about all areas of hygiene. Your outer boy will benefit just as much as your inner girl—it just feels great and feels clean. Learn to enjoy the spa treatment. Take scented bubble baths, do facemasks, and moisturize with girly lotions. Paint your toenails feminine colors and use clear polish on your fingernails.

You could also try some slight growth that you could file to a more oval shape. Use a little foundation on your face or maybe a bit of eyeliner or eye shadow. Try lip gloss instead of chap stick and keep it on you to use at any point during a day. Fruity flavors and perhaps some glittery gloss can add some excitement. Get a pedicure or manicure.

Get yourself some perfumes to spray on religiously. The point is, treat your inner girl like a princess. You she deserves it! If you want to feel girly, there may not be any better option than panties. You can go as fem as you wish and as small as you can handle. No one will ever see, unless you show them. Learn to enjoy a good Tuck. A step up would be stockings or pantyhose. What a rush when you opt out of socks! And then, there Man to woman tumblr the bomb: the bra.

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Some other secret options are things like girly temporary tattoos, garters, feminine socks, chemises, panty liners, or maybe a choker underneath a collar and tie. This might be my favorite. I have a few pair of womens jeans in boot cut and skinny. Do your research. And alas, my absolute favorite. Trust me, there is no one going around checking to see if you have on narrow shoes or to see if your shoes have pink highlights. Never once have I been questioned for it—even in the cutest pairs.

Thank goodness! I could continue to write more, but I must move on. Rings, earrings, belly button rings, toerings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, or watches. Purses might be an option too if it could pass as a man-bag. What about a girlish backpack or sling? Care to try a hair band? Or if your hair is long enough, a scrunchie. In cold weather, ladies gloves, scarves, or toboggans.

How about cute hats or visors? The idea here is to add a little something girly that makes you feel special.

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So, you want to feel girly? Start acting like it. Talk softer, move more gracefully, sit more precisely. Cross your legs like a woman when you sit. Get into a car as if you have on a dress. Walk narrow as if on a thin line. Limp your wrists and point your toes. Act like you have hips. You may not want to camp it up too much, but you can certainly improve your mannerisms subtly over time. I definitely could use some help in this area. I like the idea of keeping a diary and writing in girlish strokes with pink or purple pens.

Doodle flowers. Watch chick-flicks I know, that sounds sexist. Window shop often. With your ificant other, cuddle like a girl would and be tender with your kisses. LOL One thing you could always try is early morning or late night walk or runs in your girly gear. I live on a golf course and so I will sometimes get girly and run the course at night on the golf cart path. There are just too many options.

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But I hope these ideas help you in some way to bring a little girliness into your mundane male life, that, for some logical reason, you cannot escape. What better way to close out than kicking its arrogant butt out the window with some practical girly advice for the new year?! Happy New Year girlies! Bye bye to everybody leaving tomorrow!!

Man to woman tumblr

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