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If you really wanna turn it up a notch with your dudes, offer up a docking sesh during a Friday night game of truth or dare.

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We know you still play it! Now, how doth thou dock?

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Make sure to giggle all the way through it! Not only does docking test the limits of what you can do to your dick, but it also makes you a better communicator.

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Because docking is all about teamwork and connection and can be painful as hell. To really make the most of docking, distract yourself from the stretched dick pain and bring toys and games into it! Be sure to also invite spectators, either potential lovers or intrigued strangers, to come by and check out your strong dick bridge. They will definitely be impressed and turned on! Now, we understand that not everyone dude is lucky enough to be able to dock because most Western men have been butchered by the religious terrorism that is circumcision.

Travel the world—or find someone from another country in an ESL course—and make a new pal!

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Then ask if that accented man is willing to pull his wrapper over your candy bar, because, what can we say? Boys will be boys! Courtney Paige Barnett writes and performs sketch comedy in Los Angeles in between complaining about her mom on Twitter. Share this on. More Funny Stuff from Bunny Ears. Tags: bondingdockingforeskinfraternityfriendshipfrisbee golfmale empowermentmale friendshipmenmonsterpenis.

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Massive Uncut Cocks Docking