Krystal bee before and after

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June has been a good month. So good that I got to do a test shot segment with Krystal Bee. Now aside from having a few common friends the oh so powerful instagram served as the beginning of us linking up. Liking each others photos along with sharing some friends led to the idea that we should link up and just shoot for fun and see what we get. Well that immediately made me feel special but I think a lot of it has to do with busy her schedule. So I linked up at her place in L. Take a look below to check some of them a long with a little interview I did with Krystal.

The rain, fakes, liars, flat tires, onions, olives, having to take out the trash, and running late!

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Trying to get into radio. Possibly a school radio station. Maybe still life guarding? Or maybe in culinary school.

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That would be wild! I like a lot of music. A lot of different kinds of music. Almost everything except country music. Back to top. Search thehundreds. Shopping Cart. Continue Shopping. No, I'll stay here. June 28, Recent Stories. Read our interview with Niki Russ Federman, grea

Krystal bee before and after

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