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For details of the sex worker hardship funds that AdultWork. Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is Kerry louise escort is the choice of consenting adults. For more blogs, Showing most recent movies, 30 of Authentic Member? Add to Blacklist. Those who seek to avail themselves of such services can maintain their requirements online and browse the services on offer with ease. Shooting for all of the high class magazines, top end production companied and spending a lot of time in the Playboy Mansion.

I am highly educated and very well travelled. I have a very sexual look and treat my gentleman with an ultimate experience. Please take a look at my reviews and Kerry louise escort the tours section to complete your enquiry Kerry Louise xx. When possible, please try to give me 72 hours notice for a booking.

This enables me to make sure I have the time that you require and makes things a lot easier for us both! The minimum booking time outside of uk is 1 day. Of course if it would happen that I need to cancel, the deposit is refundable — but this never happened so far For further information, please contact me. Please kindly respect that this is protocol and also non-negotiable. Contact Me To webcam via DirectCam 5. Literally loving hoping from Hotel room to Hotel room being a dirty slut!

I had this insane guy over with a huge bulging black dick and he filled my pussy with cum so hard!!!! I can't stop thinking about it I won't lie!!! He left my hotel a very happy man and i loved walking down to the Gym with his CUM dripping down my legs like a dirty whore : I can't wait to tell you all about my next filthy fuck sesh! Im off away on some naughty holidays soon so be sure to follow my updates!!

He was finally done for the day. She watched from a distance as the final shoppers were herded back out through the shopping mall doors, into the dim evening light of the frosty high street. She never had a hope of resisting. Dizzy with excitement, her eyes eagerly sought him out once again. The legendary older man in his white trimmed, plush red velvet suit was still sat in his grand chair, no doubt tired from the afternoon crowds. At first because it had the best value shops for Christmas shopping, then as time went on, because of Santa.

Sneaking looks, and swallowing her lust. Excitement had overcome fear, and now here she was. Closing time Saturday afternoon, Christmas Eve eve, waiting to pounce like a big cat in the long grass. Time to make her move; now or never.

The cleaners had moved to the upstairs level, it was just the two of them down here now.

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Her and Santa. Wondering just how —and, to be honest, why— her legs were carrying her, she made her way self-consciously over to Santa. Dreading and welcoming it all at once, it finally happened — their eyes met. Hers, she felt sure, shining with excitement and nervous terror; his friendly but questioning. You OK? And she was now staring at him, at his magical twinkly-eyed, wrinkled brow elderly Santa-face, with what was certain to be a wide-eyed, giddy smile.

You been spying on Santa? He let out a throaty chortle, then he beckoned her up the steps with a white gloved hand and a welcoming smile. It was like the final click in the combination. All her worries seemed to dissolve in that instant, her real-world defences falling away. Santa sat back into the chair with a grunt as she reached the space in front of him, his heavy black boots to each side of her legs. He took her other hand in his, grasping both her small fists in his giant, warm ones, and looked at her in sudden serious consideration.

What would you like? It became clear that talking from this point onwards was, quite frankly, surplus to requirements. She felt a definite stirring from beneath her bottom; the sight of her exposed thighs, her quivers of excitement and the risk of being caught obviously having a dramatic effect on him.

This was her masturbatory scene Kerry louise escort to life, and it was doing a on her, too.

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Between her legs, at the apex of her thighs, was fast becoming a slippery mess. Well, at least part of her did. They reached down together, her to pull aside her sodden knickers and Santa to free his engorged cock. Hard as candy cane and twice as sweet, she thought to herself, licking her lips. Would she taste it?

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No, not yet. Not right now. She wanted so desperately to feel it inside her, to feel Santa filling her with his magical warmth. The eager anticipation was shared. No sooner had Santa freed his straining dick Kerry louise escort he was reaching for her, his whiskered lips growling praise, kinky threats and promises into her ear while his fingers worked beneath her skirt. Lifting her up, opening her up entirely, positioning himself under her. Trousers yanked down to free merely the important part of him, the rest still concealed by his lush uniform.

Heat radiated from his cock which had slumbered all day, to roar into life at her unexpected beckoning. She felt the presence of it even before the first touch of Santa-flesh to her swollen labia, then gasped back a cry of pure delight as he nestled his tip into her tight, wet entrance. Leaning forwards to allow him full access with his cock also gave him a fleeting view of her from behind, and she heard him groan aloud at the sight.

Gripping her arms with what was surely an aching need right from the bottom of his bulging sac, he slammed her down on to his throbbing rod. Driving his cock home masterfully, he gave this girl exactly what she wanted for Christmas.

It was Christmas Eve tomorrow; she supposed she should actually start her Christmas shopping. Hey Guys So I havent blogged forever but now things are alot more settled in my life I have realised how much I enjoyed writing to you all on here. So what have Kerry louise escort been up to I have also moved to London which has been hectic but totally worth it!!!

I am now back on your TV screens once a week and of course I now have my internet all active for webcamming. I have found new gyms here which I totally love and I have my gorjuss little doggy back - Charlie!! For those who love to be slaves I shall be employing slaves but only those that are worthwhile and prove there devotion to such an amazing women like myself I met the guys at the Saddle Ranch for a few cheeky Cosmo's before heading into Universal!

Was so amazing Then we headed onto the rides and did the tour of the studios really interesting I loved it! Oh and we watched the Waterworld show - Id so love to do that it looks awesome!!!! I finally got back at 1am Hey guys So yesterday was emotionalllll!

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I handed Charlie to Emma. Well not literally as were passing ships lol but she collected him as he's staying at hers for 2wks while I shoot and go to Toronto. I cry everytime I go away haaa. I headed to london to Kerry louise escort out with my besties Becky and Victor. We had a scream it was soo funny. Becky was soooo wasted haaaaa pics are class! Then in the Evening Terry Stephens came round to film me for his documentary. Ooooo I let rip. Kerry louise escort people know I am not one to hold back and especially now I'm quitting I don't have to worry who I upset lol!

Today I headed on my public transport mission to Bluebird Films! I swear I have the worst luck. Not only did I not find out I was shooting until am but my train didn't stop where I needed it to and I ended up in woking. To make matters worse there was no trains as someone had killed themselves on the train line so bluebird had to come and collect me! I had a great shoot tho. I shot glory goo volume 2 with Tony James. He's awesome. Glory hole is always abit kinky I likeeeee. And I enjoyed sucking and fucking his cock the hole time!

After that I headed home to meet mr keiran lee. Yep he was visiting the uk and literally lives 20mins from me northerners rock so Hooters it was!! Tuesday, March 15th Shooting : Hey Guys So today I finally got to Bluebird Films - Well I say finally I mean 9am but it literally felt like 6pm after I have done the public transport and got lost a billion times hahahaha When I got there I was chilled and ready for my sexytime!!!

Hey Guys!!!! So now I have lost my driving Licence I have to do the public transport route which involves planning….

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