Johnny test in real life

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The series revolves around the adventures of Johnny Test, an year-old suburban boy who lives with his super-genius year-old scientist twin sisters, Susan and Mary, in the Test residence in the town of Porkbelly. After testing out their Hottie Body Flakes which turns Johnny into a monster- temporarilythe girls let them borrow their Atomic Earth Dozer.

They wind up using some left over Hottie Body flakes and the flashing weapon of death the camera to escape and save earth from the Mole People. With the help of Mr. White, BBB is defeated. He begs to be arrested but the G-Dudes turn him over to his mother instead- Aahhh!!!!! All would be good except when he hits the ball into Old Man Newman's yard, the old man won't give it back.

So the kids have to find a way to outsmart the smart old man and his dog beasts and Johnny test in real life the ball back in time for Johnny's game. It's family day at the beach. After much begging and pleading, the girls finally get permission to have their first dance party with boys. In an attempt to attract Gil, they decide to use their new Phero Booster, which is deed to make you super cool and attractive. They've only tested it on mice. At first it's fantastic.

The girls tell him they'll fix his problem after the party but his disgusting appearance is ruining the party. The girls have to solve the problem quickly or no one will ever come to another one of their parties. It gets personal for the girls when the Scream-O's tour bus is kidnapped. The Ice Pigs hockey team are big losers, so Johnny asks his sisters for help. Edison can't help them with hockey, so on the way back they make some stops and pick up the biggest, meanest savages they can find and turn them into the new Ice Pigs team, which is now unbeatable.

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And somehow the Lettuce Accelerator makes nachos now. He even makes Johnny clean his room for the first time ever. While Mom is out picking up Mr. Sperling and Dad's at the grocery store, the kids decide to surprise Dad by redecorating the house using his notebook with his de ideas.

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But they used the wrong notebook and now the house is deed using everyone of Dad's nightmares from the last 2 weeks. Now they have to figure out how to get through this House of Horrors and keep Mr. Sperling from freaking out.

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Johnny can't figure out how to spell "go" at the spelling bee, so insists his sisters make him smart. Everyone's impressed, including Janet, who invites Johnny to be on the Battle of the Math Geeks team. The problem? The pants are in love with Johnny and jealous of Janet. But when Johnny makes a date to celebrate the big victory with Janet, the pants go into a jealous rage and kidnap her.

During a chicken fight, they accidentally launch a missile that's headed right for Porkbelly. Before they can fix the problem, Mom tells the girls they have to go home immediately or Dad will be upset that they're late for dinner.

Aided by a network of daughters at work with their parents, they just make it home just in time. Things are great until Johhny gets bored and brings the new evil Roboticle- Nasteria- to life. Nasteria's mission is to destroy the world and now it takes Mega and the rest of Johnny's Turbo Toy Force to save Porkbelly and the world. Once on the moon, while taking notes for the report, they meet the stranded crew of a Canadian moon launch and then their own spaceship is stolen.

In return for saving their lives, the Canadians agree to write Johnny's report. He does- no bike or skateboard for 1 month. While snooping around the lab, they intercept a call from Bling-Bling Boy, who has his own time rewinder. He agrees to give it to Johnny if he sets him up on a date with Susan. No more punishment and he's always in the rights place at the right time- until the device runs out of batteries. Now BBB wants his device back!

It's very exciting being inside a real Hollywood action movie! Johnny is completely embarrassed by his extremely slo mo scooter so he asks his sisters to make him a fast one They give him the Super Sonic Scooter aka Scoots and tell him not Johnny test in real life use Mach 9- it's too dangerous.

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Johnny and Dukey are having a great time with Scoots and can't resist testing out the Mach 9. It turns out that their time travel caused major havoc in Porkbelly. When Slopsink tries to throw the pet back into its cage, it goes on a ram destroying Porkbelly.

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Even Mr. White can't stop the damage. Then BBB agrees to disclose the creature's weakness if Susan will kiss him. He lied.

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Finally, after he coaxes Repto into a game of fetch, Johnny saves the day and the town when he figures out that Repto just wanted to be loved. Now, instead of playing with Johnny, Dukey has tea with the girls, swoons over Gil and happily vacuums the lab. Johhny misses his best friend and then figures out that his sisters made a mind controlling collar. So Johhny decides to tell his sisters he's sorry for Dukey's behavior and gives them new belts as an apology gift- mind controlling belts!

It does for a second but then gets much bigger until they use the stabilizing compound. They show their new invention to their zitty Mega Institute classmates who make fun of them. So they blast people with the compound and as the zits fall off, they together to form Zit Zilla. Now the kids have to save Porkbelly from the giant, rampaging zit. Johnny can totally shred skateboarding video games, but he has a much harder time doing the real thing on Sissy Blakely's half-pipe and comes close to breaking every bone in his body.

With the help of his sisters' Extreme Action Game Controller - Dukey can now control Johnny like he's a character in a video game. Soon Johnny is shredding the pipe like a pro. Realizing the full potential, Johnny takes the controller to school to control Bullies to beat themselves up and Teachers to cancel class. But things get completely out of hand when, later that night, Dad gets a hold of the controller and plays an extreme video game. Only he doesn't realize at the same time he's controlling his son and controlling him closer and closer to the Porkbelly Zoo where, unless Susan and Mary can pull Dad away from the game, Johnny will crash into the gator pit!

Then Johnny accidentally shrinks himself and Dukey so tiny they enter a freaky sub-atomic Porkbelly where everything is perfect and Johnny is smart and Dukey is mayor! Johnny and his sub-atomic mates find a way to adjust the backpack and Johnny and Dukey begin to grow. Now bigger they defeat the robot monkey and return to normal Porkbelly. It works! With the odds really against him, and Sissy mad that Johnny was using bionics, Johnny dons the Dance-a-tron and Johnny test in real life wild dance moves, basically becomes unable to hit. It fails.

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Johnny Test. SD SD selected. Buy season. See System Requirements. Other seasons. Available on HoloLens. Mobile device. Xbox Description The series revolves around the adventures of Johnny Test, an year-old suburban boy who lives with his super-genius year-old scientist twin sisters, Susan and Mary, in the Test residence in the town of Porkbelly. Episodes 1. Johnny vs. Brain Freezer. Cast and crew. Chris Savino Director. Mark Fellows Writer. Additional information Networks Vivendi Entertainment.

Networks Vivendi Entertainment. Audio English. Subtitles English CC. Released year Genres Animation. Duration 13 episodes 4 h 30 min. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8.

Johnny test in real life

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