Jennifers body kissing scene

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In a nutshell, the plot revolves around a pair of small town high school girls, Needy Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Megan Foxwho have been best friends since childhood. During a night out at the local all-ages bar, Jennifer is essentially kidnapped by an indie pop-rock band who attempts to sacrifice her to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.

As this ritual calls for a virgin, and Jennifer is anything but, the ceremony goes sideways and Jennifer is given a second shot at life — as a soul-eating demon. The film builds to a passionate and deadly climax as the two women find themselves facing off over both the deaths of their classmates and the tensions within their own relationship.

A lot of the pushback against the film centred on the characterization of Jennifer. As portrayed by Megan Fox, Jennifer is a young woman who is unafraid of expressing her own sexuality, both verbally and in the way that she dresses.

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She is unapologetically sexually active. The original trailer painted the film as a salacious sex romp filmed for the male gaze, omitting recognition of the deep and painfully intimate relationship between the two girls. It actually took me years to give the film a chance because of this marketing approach — I, too, believed that the film could hold nothing for me.

It is not a love story between Jennifer and any of her male victims. It is a love story between Needy and Jennifer, and this fact is glaringly obvious not only in terms of subtext, but text as well. Needy and Jennifer are the fulcrum around which the entire film spins — the movie begins with shots of the two of them and the climax is an epic battle between them. The men are mere sidepieces to the intense and, at times, supernatural connection the two share. Jennifer stops herself from hurting Needy after her transformation despite her overwhelming hunger, reserving her violence instead for the teenage boys at their school.

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A fellow student actually accuses Needy and Jennifer of being lesbians at this point, which Needy refutes. But how many women have been in that same position and denied same-sex romantic feelings?

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I mean, this is high school, after all, and small town high school, at that. Sexuality in America is commonly fraught with danger, shame, and secrecy, due to widespread and ongoing ripples of influence stemming from conservative and repressive religiosity. Needy is always willing to blow off her boyfriend to spend time with Jennifer — she spends more time deciding what to wear for her dates with Jennifer than her dates with Chip.

Needy, unsmiling and disdainful until this point, immediately breaks out into a beautiful, genuine grin. She glances over at Jennifer, her gaze lingering and drinking in her profile until she realizes that Jennifer is giving the lead singer the same infatuated glance — her smile fades and she disengages her hand.

The close-ups of the hands and faces underscore the emotional weight in this scene. Needy is visibly disappointed by the realization that the moment is not what she had hoped it would be. The attraction between Needy and Jennifer is alternately acknowledged and denied throughout the film, which makes sense in the context of high school in small town America. After her transformation, Jennifer weaponizes the threat of being perceived Jennifers body kissing scene lesbians against Needy as a way to discourage her from pressing Jennifer about what has happened to her.

Much was made about the infamous kiss scene between Needy and Jennifer late in the film. Granted, the marketing of the film did the kiss no favours — in the hands of marketing executives, the kiss appeared to be mere queer-baiting and pandering to adolescent males. This viewpoint is exceedingly heteronormative, especially when taking into the building of the romantic undertones to the relationship between the two women throughout the entire film.

Jennifer attempts to use her sex appeal to placate Needy because she truly believes that it will work — their mutual attraction is not a secret to either of them or to the discerning audience.

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And it DOES almost work. The kiss is hesitant at first as Needy tries to decide how far she is willing to take her desires — but it grows increasingly passionate as she gives in to what she has always wanted. This scene struck me as less salacious than honest; less sensational than sincere.

For the two to have the relationship that is portrayed throughout the film to this point, it seems only natural for there to have been some level of physical closeness between them in the past. The film builds to this moment — to exclude the kiss from the story on the grounds that men may find it too stimulating would be a disservice to the queer women who are so rarely represented in film.

In my opinion, Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody created a remarkable queer-horror film that rings true to me in ways not often found in mainstream-ish films and also serves to combat bisexual erasure and highlight the complexities of sexual desire. If Kusama and Cody are ever given the funding and support to work together again, I will be the first in line to buy a ticket, no matter how the Jennifers body kissing scene portrays the finished product. Like Like. Apt commentary on my favorite movie of all time. Been there myself. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

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Jennifers body kissing scene

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