I slept with my teacher

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I graduated from high school in and through the last 7 months of my senior year I had a sexual relationship with one of my teachers. I knew what was going on was crazy and wrong at the time but it wouldn't be until 2 years later that I truly realized how messed up it made me.

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I'm here writing this because I have never told anybody and it's actually beginning to eat me alive. I feel so much regret, and guilt. It makes me feel angry, used, and manipulated when I look back on it but theres nothing I can do because I am just as guilty of a party. Or am I?? It started off as an innocent, trusting relationship as I assume most teacher student relationships do but quickly developed in to a stressful, uncomfortable affair.

As the school's president I was in a position where I had to spend a lot of time alone and outside of class with this teacher and in the beginning I really enjoyed it. We worked well together and got shit done, all while laughing and making fun of all the other students.

He would always tell me how mature I was and how I wasn't like the other girls in class. It was nice to be "on the teachers good side".

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It really took off when one day I made a joke about us smoking weed together, since weed is legal where we live. He blew off the joke but I could tell his interest peaked so I poked at it again and that is what led to a late night meet up that was the first of many. We smoked together that night and I knew it was wrong but it was a thrill. Over the next couple months there would be more smoke sessions, sex and growing feelings. He bought me a pipe as a little gift and would help me get weed. I rode around with him while he did food deliveries as a weekend job.

We spent a lot of time together after hours in his office at his church planning the music for upcoming services. He made me feel as if we could actually be together and 18 year old me believed. I was falling for him and I knew I was soooo fucked. He was only the third person I've ever slept with, the other two being past boyfriends.

I was He was I was a senior and he was a teacher. I was in a relationship I wasn't invested in, he was married, with 3. I had fun, I cant deny that After a little while him and his wife began going through a divorce which I slept with my teacher made things between him and I more intense. She found out about "us" but he played it off that I was an over obsessed student. Over the years I've tried to block out most of the things that happened between us, maybe because I feel an overwhelming amount of guilt for his wife and kids that they will never truly know what a piece of shit he is but I'll still never forget the time we spent sneaking around together.

When I think about these things today it makes me feel sick. My heart hurts for 18 year old me. She was so lost she didn't know what she was really doing. Articles about teachers sleeping with students make me feel queasy. He works at a middle school now and I pray everyday that he isn't doing anything damaging to those young girls also.

I thought I was cool and mature back then but I now realize he was just a predator.

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He knew better than I did. I'm scared to post this because I promised myself it would never get out and what if somehow, somebody puts two and two together and knows it's me, but this is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy so fuck it. Slept with my boss at work while I was It was eating me alive until I finally told my sister and she pushed for me to go tell my therapist.

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Please go tell a professional or someone you trust. It will continue to eat at you and worsen your mental state until you talk about it. I wish you all the best, and please know it was absolutely not your fault and you were taken advantage of. You are incredibly fucking brave to post this. I have no idea what you went through, but I slept with my teacher really hope you find peace with this.

You should not be judged or criticized or anything. You were so young and he has no excuse. I'm incredibly sorry for what you went through. Take care of yourself. Oh wow my heart goes out to you, please seek therapy and talk to someone about this. This guy is a fucking predator. My kid is in middle school and the thought of a grown man doing something like this to her kills me. Please get help and speak up so he can have his teaching revoked and pay for what he did. Hugs to you. Have you read the book Three Women by Lisa Taddeo?

One of the women in the book hooked up with one of her teachers and goes into all the damage it did to her a couple of years later. Hi OP. What he did was not right, and it was not your fault. You were eighteen. This happened to me too. It also has eaten at me over the last several years, and has had negative effects on my current way way better and healthier relationship. I hope you are able to find peace. That's incredibly fucked up. Found the internet! I slept with my teacher. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. More posts from the offmychest community.

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I slept with my teacher

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I slept with my teacher and I don't regret it