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Now you want to pull out a segment to share easily and make it a GIF — or jifhowever you pronounce it. It used to be that you could only make GIFs in photoshop. Those days are no more! Get it?

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GIFs are an excellent way to convey information quickly and easily — like tasty memes, strong Powerpoint presentations, or sneak peek vibes — without having to link or embed a full video. GIFs are excellent tools for tutorials and education graphics, perfect for everything from presentation decks to blogs.

And in our current tech climate, videos are currently not embeddable in s. You can see how to do that right here. All set? Select the start and end time of your GIF from your video timeline — it can be up to six seconds.

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Your GIF is now created! From here, you can download for future use and share anywhere.

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You can review the official Adobe guide here. Drop your video clip in a timeline. Edit however you wish, and then lock it between some In and Out points. Name your file, add its destination, and change any video settings. Note: Larger resolutions and longer length GIFs may have some issues when being exported or embedded. To avoid this, try to keep your GIF short and sweet.

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We also have an extra-convenient partnership with Giphy that you can utilize right from Vimeo. With this integration, you can convert your Vimeo videos instantly into GIFs and share them widely. From there, you can add any text of your choosing, with options to customize both the style and the animation of the text.

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You can either copy the embed code, download it directly, or share with others via social. Easily create and embed GIFs of your videos to make your s shine. The mysteriously vague cyber-fusion of the humans who make Vimeo tick. Get cozy with J-cuts and L-cuts, cutaways and cross cuts.

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We'll teach you how and when to incorporate them in your work. Dive into these helpful resources on how to use Final Cut Pro X. Video tutorials and how-tos will take you from novice to expert in no time. This guide is chock full of tutorials and helpful how-tos to make you a pro in no time. Manage videos New video. Product News. Why GIFs? Amp up your engagement Easily create and embed GIFs of your videos to make your s shine Try for free. Up next in Post-production.

Post-production Your intro to video cuts: jump cuts, l-cuts vs. Post-production New to Final Cut Pro? Post-production Unsure how to use Adobe After Effects? Start here This guide is chock full of tutorials and helpful how-tos to make you a pro in no time. Your inbox needs more Vimeo.

I cant do this anymore gif

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How to turn your videos into GIFs