Hot female hockey players

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March 9, By Sourav.

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These hockey-playing ladies are set to blow your mind tonight. She recently chose to retire from hockey while playing for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, due to some concerns over concussions. She got hit hard during the Sochi Olympics and became really concerned that she would suffer serious health problems if she were to continue any further to play and risk another serious blow to the head.

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Moving away from the dire health issues and back to the theme of this article, while her brother somehow looks like he binges on cheeseburgers sorry PhilAmanda is a complete Wisconsinite fox. She is undoubtedly one of the hottest female ice hockey players. She won gold playing with the Canadian under team in and sincehas been playing for the University of North Dakota.

She played in the Sochi Olympics and for a brief duration played for the University of North Dakota. Houston, we have a cutie here. Actually, let every city know about this. German goalie Viona Harrer looks totally like the kind of girl you see at a bar sipping a beer just a few tables over who starts giggling when you inadvertently make eye contact with her.

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Without any doubt, she is one of the hottest female ice hockey players in She is considered one of the hottest goalies of her time and is amazing at what she does. Her goalkeeping skills land her on the 6th spot on this list.

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5 on Top 10 Best Looking Female Hockey players is a gorgeous dirty-blonde from Kaufbeuren, German, year-old Eisenschmid has been a popular member of the national team since With five World Championship golds to her name since and two silver medals in the years and Olympics, Hilary Knight has been one of the most remarkable of the past decade. Not only is she absurdly skilled though, she, like so many others on this list is hot enough to make some models insanely jealous. 3 on the list of Top 10 Best Looking Female Hockey players is a twenty-one-year-old Moscow native who has played in the defense for the Russian national team at two World Championships and an Olympics has rightfully claimed our three spot and our hearts.

She has won a bronze medal with the national team back in at the World Championship. But, she did not really register a point in that tournament. There was never a real contest for the one here. The rest of the list are hotties, but Russian goalie Anna Prugova is so obscenely and incredibly beautiful that she is a full step above the rest. She started playing early for the Russian national team back in And, she has been dropping jaws ever since she appeared. So it won't be wrong to call them 'Beauty With Brains'. No Italian or Polish hot female hockey players? Maybe I am in the wrong sport?

Let me know if any female hockey Hot female hockey players can find them.

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I saw a female hockey player with glasses on on another blog. I assume that she does not wear them when she plays. I assume that even in Women's hockey, contact lenses would still be risky. Halli Krzyzaniak: I saw her wearing glasses in another blog. I think that even wearing contact lenses in Women's hockey would be risky. Leave a Reply. Christopher Nowak September 4, To answer. Christopher Nowak September 6, Christopher Nowak September 8,

Hot female hockey players

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Most Beautiful And Hottest Ice Hockey Women’s Players in the World