Halo 5 ending sucks

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Is the Halo 5 campaign that bad? It suffers from an inconsistent and just all over the place story. Idk about that, they have storylines to resolve still. Anyone interested in the story of Halo Infinite should definitely still play Halo 5.

Gameplay is pretty tight for the most part but it reuses the warden boss fight over and over where it kills the mood. The real problem is the story, where it sidelines the main charecter master chief for Locke who isn't fleshed out enough to be a compelling protagonist. Overall it's worth one play through, but you won't be missing much if you skip it. Go formulate your own opinion about it. The best way to ruin your fun in any game is go on the internet and see what other people think about it.

The gameplay itself is really good. Very different compared to games, but by no means bad. Very fast-paced and the gunplay is great. The gameplay and level de was great, some of the new characters were pretty cool one of the ones later in the game was amazingthe overall story was weak.

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Everything about the game was cool except the ending. Locke is a badass and the game felt great to play. Just finished it last night. Played through every halo game besides halowars within the last couple months on gamepass…what a ride. Cannot WAIT for infinite. The story does suck in that the plot is all over the place and I personally find no reason to care about anyone in either Spartan team apart from Chief and Buck, but it's not so bad that you shouldn't bother playing it.

At least give it a chance for the gameplay. There isn't a single point in the campaign at all where you are alone. Everywhere you go in every mission your squad follow and you're never separated from them. But at the same time there also isn't a single point in the game where you fight alongside marines. Except in Warzone. That's it.

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The campaign is a pretty bad mess in both plot and overall writing. But the story is being progressed in Infinite, so you at least need to play through it or watch a video that explains the story. They expected you to have read the books. Blue team doesn't get introduced, based on what I've seen. It's not bad. It's just not good enough for a Halo game. Best Story was still Halo 4 if you ask me.

It's the game that made me look deeper into the universe of Halo. Maybe as a stand-alone game it might work in a way but for a halo game? No way. What sucked for many of us, is that the marketing for what the campaign was going to be about, didn't happen, and then what did happen was So, it left a bad taste in many of our mouths. If you go in without that history, and won't have to wait long for answers to the cliff hanger with H6 around the corner, you should enjoy it more than many. No, I don't believe it's "terrible" at all.

Again, Halo 5 ending sucks comes down to personal preference. Amongst Halo fans you'll unanimously see H5 at the bottom of anyone's list. I would agree, but I still enjoyed it. Graphically speaking, I think the game is beautiful. The story is captivating with Cortana.

I think it would be worth your time to run through it. Especially if you aren't particularly familiar with what's going on in story and the Halo Universe overall. It's got issues but there are good aspects too. I don't think it's that much worse then 4's. In fact i'd say Mission 2 is actually one of the best missions in the series, it's a shame the whole campaign isn't that good.

Its ok, but very heavy feels like its supposed be played in coop exclusively and not singleplayer. The story however is awful. But they didn't put any effort into it. Most cutscenes either have action that should have been playable, or consist of short, boring exchanges that are meant to sound badass.

Chief is out of focus and instead you play primarily as Osiris, who aren't given time to be fleshed out, but also aren't meant to be simple characters who Halo 5 ending sucks can project onto like Chief was in the OG trilogy. Funnily enough if you turn off the Spartan voices the game does feel more like Halo! The gameplay is decent. Firefights can be somewhat vertical and in wide open spaces with plenty of paths to use to push forward. They encourage you to use the Enhanced Mobility and to explore and it's fun when you do.

But there's always been a few things about Halo 5s combat that never quite rubbed me the right way. I think it's the lack of variety.

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Almost every combat arena is roughly the same, being a in wide open but still fairly linear place. You don't vary from large fields to enclosed spaces as much. There are some standout moments. But not enough. The encounters also seem a bit cluttered. You get a horde of enemies thrown at you and that's it and there's very little difference between their ranks like there was in classic Halo. An Elite is an Elite. No badass Ultras who shrug off getting stuck or anything like on Reach.

Every rank feels the same. I can't remember the last time I looked at one Elite and said; "Shit. Better be smart against that guy! The Promethean fights honestly feel a little worse too. I've never actually liked the soldiers and honestly, I prefer the Knights of Halo 4. With 4s Knights, yes they were tricky and were full Halo 5 ending sucks shit.

Yes, they liked to teleport spam and had shields that recovered immediately. But every time they showed up, it was still a fair challenge. You have to hit them hard and fast. If they teleport, you can usually figure out where they went by watching the animation.

They were vulnerable as fuck to the Noob combo on legendary and that mixed with a good hehot put them down. The Soldiers in 5 just spawn in by the fuck load, blip all over the map and while they aren't hard to kill, there's just too many of them for single player, which becomes a problem on Legendary. They don't scale it for one player and it makes Halo 5s legendary more tedious than it needs to be and levels with only Soldiers were just not fun.

I still want to like 5. Sanghelios was cool. There were some cool setpieces. I liked the enhanced mobility. But it has some glaring issues. If you really, really, truly want to know, go watch The Act Man's breakdown on youtube. Really great analysis from a dedicated fan about why it actually is really awful. It's pretty damn long, but I enjoyed it and some of his takedowns are hilarious whether you agree or not. I think Halo 5's multiplayer is one of the best in the series but the campaign was very blah imo.

The campaign graphics' were the Halo 5 ending sucks in the series, incredible. It just sounds and re like fanfiction where you try to have a bunch of new characters seem as badass as S-IIs. Discussion I havent played it yet but is it really as terrible as people say?

Which was your favorite - fighting the warden eternal the fourth or fifth time? Most people have a problem with the story and lack of character portrayal and development though. Story sucks. Game play is okay. Nice to hear someone enjoyed it.

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It's the worst story imo but it's still better than most other non halo games. It's not amazing, but it's nowhere near as bad as this community makes it out to be. The gameplay is absolutely fantastic though Warden fights aside. Too many movement abilities and the ending is dogshit. Honestly its not that bad. First half is a struggle, but it gets there eventually. The story is awful. I like to tell myself that Chief was holding back. The story is the problem. The actual gameplay is great.

Halo 5 ending sucks

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