Guy pulling hair out

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Anyone can get trichotillomania-both girls and guys can have it at any age but it usually starts during puberty.

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It is thought that it could be passed down in families, and hormonal and environmental factors including stress may play a role as well. Some people may begin pulling their hair out after a stressful event but it also can start for no apparent reason at all. While some people may describe their symptoms as mild, many people with trichotillomania feel badly about themselves and say that it is a source of severe emotional distress which can cause anxiety and depression.

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Having trichotillomania can interfere with family relationships, friendships, school, work, etc. Without treatment chronic hair pulling can lead to possible skin infections and scarring. If a person eats their hair trichophagiait can cause stomach problems. Treatment varies but usually involves taking medicine and meeting with a therapist who has experience treating people with trichotillomania.

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The first thing you should do is tell your parent s or trusted adult about your concerns and then make an appointment with your primary care provider. If you find out you have trichotillomania, learn as much as you can about it.

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Once you have connected with a professional who has experience working with patients who have trichotillomania, ask about all the treatment options. Many people who are diagnosed with trichotillomania can learn to control their behavior with both medication and counseling including interventions such as cognitive behavior CBT. People who are diagnosed with trichotillomania may also have anxiety and depression.

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My mom gets frustrated about it but I tell her I cannot help it. Any advice on how to stop my hair pulling?

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Guy pulling hair out

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Man Pulling His Hair Out