Girls of gaming playboy

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Her measurements are and she's posing topless for the October issue of Playboy magazine. Her name's Bloodrayne and she'll make her naked debut alongside a feature in the upcoming issue of the men's magazine. ing her in the CGI photospread which will accompany an article about the changing face of gaming will be a handful of gaming characters. See the accompanying pop-up gallery for some of the characters that were submitted to the magazine. OB : ResearchEstimates thought it was all in good fun.

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The game's coming out that month and it's perfect timing," said Laura Heeb, a spokesperson for the "Bloodrayne" publisher. It has definitely made the step up to a full-fledged video game franchise. The Playboy thing is nothing more than just another cool thing we can do with this franchise. Playboy declined to comment on the pictorial feature, since the October issue won't hit stands for a couple of weeks.

Welcome to the weirdest stop yet on the gaming industry's Naked Olympics. The game was a "Sims"-like clone that featured full frontal nudity and encouraged you to get your two characters to have sex. Because most retailers will not sell an AO game, Eidos offered it via download only. A toned down "M" rated version is due on store shelves later this year. Meanwhile, waiting in the wings is another game that's bound to raise a few eyebrows: "The Guy Game".

Basically, what you're looking at here is the bastardized love child of "Girls Gone Wild," college drinking games and The Tonight Show's "Jaywalking" segments.

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Real not digitally animated nubile coeds on spring break are brought onto stage and asked various trivia questions. If they answered wrong, they flash their breasts at the crowd. If you play the game right, you can see that flashing uncensored. It's not a game that's likely to make friends amongst parents groups or conservative religious organizations.

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But developer TopHeavy Studios really! On the one hand, female characters appearing topless could reinforce the outdated stereotype of gamers as shut-in losers who lack any sort of social skills.

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On the other, it underlines how much older the audience for these games has gotten in recent years. According to the Entertainment Software Association, today's average game player is 29 years old. And the average game buyer is That's part of the reason some publishers opted against their characters appearing nude.

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We ensured they were in poses and attire that were sexy, but were appropriate to their character. By no means do we hope anyone finds it offensive. So why take the chance?

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Basically, Playboy's demographic is very much in line with the sweet spot of the gaming industry. Eighty-five percent are male. The average age is That's a lot of men with cash to burn. And that's a lot of potential cash those publishers could be pocketing. Oh, just one thing Game Over. Video Games. Manage alerts What is this? Video game gals take it off for Playboy. Want more video game news and commentary?

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Click on "Hef"! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus rally. Thanks for nothing, Corporate America. It's not just the economy, stupid. SoftBank and Toyota want driverless cars to change the world.

Girls of gaming playboy

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