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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Things had been rough the past few months, what with Joe's company filing for reorganization and the threat of him being unemployed and the pressures at home that it created. All we seemed to do is fight and it was tearing us apart. It was a welcome intrusion when Janet called and asked me to go out for a girl's night out.

Joe acted so glad to get rid of me and Janet said that Rob was all for it. I knew that Rob was cheating on her and so did she, but she had a comfortable lifestyle and didn't let on that she knew. We made plans to go out Friday night and she would pick me up around 6. Joe hadn't come home from work when Janet arrived and I left him a note. He knew about the night out and I just told him that I didn't know when we would be home and not to wait up. I put on my jeans and a knit top and put on a little make up and some perfume.

Janet showed up promptly at 6 and we talked for a few minutes and then left. After dinner we headed back to her car and I had to admit that I was feeling much better after the drinks. Janet got on the interstate and I asked her where we were going. Soon we were leaving the city and I decided to leave it Girls night out literotica in her hands. A half hour later, we pulled up in front of a bar somewhere out in the boonies.

We got out and went Girls night out literotica, it was a slightly run down place poorly lit and decorated as well. We were shown to a table where we promptly ordered drinks. Soon a spot light came on and our attention was drawn to a stage where three nice looking guys appeared. Two of them were white and the third one was black.

The music came up and they started to dance and then to my surprise they started to strip! Being a country girl, this embarrassed me, but I tried to hide it from Janet. Soon they were down to g-strings and were thrusting their covered cocks at everyone. As the spotlight drifted, I could see nothing but women in the audience all screaming for them to take off their g-strings. My eyes focused on the black man, the bulge in his g-string was immense! After several minutes of coaxing, they ripped off their g-strings and my eyes got as big as silver dollars.

Joe and I married after high school and his was the only cock I had ever seen.

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I had seen pictures, but not the real thing. I couldn't keep my eyes off that big black cock swaying in front of me, it must have been 10 inches! Janet could see my excitement and called him over to our table. After a few minutes, he returned to the other guys and I finally looked at them too.

One guy was about Joe's size, 6 inches and the other guy was about 8 inches. My heart was racing, and I kept looking around thinking Joe would come in and catch me. Janet laughed at my nervousness and ordered us some more drinks. We drank for awhile and I asked her how she knew about this place. I had never thought of cheating on Joe, though I had to admit that our sex life had suffered since the problems at his job.

We had some more drinks and I noticed it was getting late. We stayed another hour and watched another strip tease, but I was getting uncomfortable after this one. There was a strange wetness in my crotch and I got up and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom and went into the stall and pulled my jeans and panties down and sat down. I relieved myself and as I was reaching for my panties, I noticed a wet spot right where my pussy had rested against them.

Joe had Girls night out literotica me to get wet, but he was the only one. Why had I gotten aroused? Was this what I wanted? I reached down and felt my pussy. It was wet, but I had already wiped, why? Suddenly the touch of my own hand on my pussy caused me to lean back and I began fingering myself right there on the commode!

Before I knew it, I had quite a rhythm going and a flash of heat came over me and my hand was drenched in my warm, wet juices. Was it the drinks? Was it the strip tease? Or was it the sight of another man's cock? I pulled my panties and jeans back up and washed my hands and returned to Janet. We walked out to the car, both of us a little tipsy now. Janet made a wrong turn and we drove Girls night out literotica trying to find the interstate again.

Janet turned down a side road and the car sputtered and quit. She tried to restart it, but it was no use. Here we were, at midnight, on a dark unfamiliar road with a car that wouldn't start. After about 20 minutes of fretting, we saw headlights and Janet got out to flag them down. It was a nice looking man, I would say in his late 40's in a pickup truck. He got out with his flashlight and looked under the hood.

He had Janet crank it over while he watched under the hood. Janet did and he motioned for her to come out to the front of the car. What were we going to do now? He offered to give us a lift to his house and we could call someone and Janet accepted.

We all three squeezed into his pickup and headed down the road. A ways down the road, we took a curve and Janet, who was sitting next to him, was forced into him. His elbow brushed her left tit and she started giggling. I guess it was the booze. We turned and went up a long dirt driveway and saw a house at the end of it. He pulled up to the house and we all got out and went in. It was a modest country home, the usual deer head on the wall and very modest furnishings. There was no dial tone. He had disappeared into a back room and Janet yelled that there was no dial tone.

We sat down scared shitless and stared at him and the gun. He threw Janet a length of rope and told her to tie my hands behind my back. She began to tear up and tied my hands behind my back. He pulled out another length of rope and tied her hands too and shoved her back on the sofa next to me.

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Then he went off to the kitchen. He came back in shortly and had a fifth of whiskey in his hand and took a big swig. He came over to the sofa and asked if we wanted a drink. When we refused, he pried Janet's mouth open and poured some in, she gagged. Then he came to me and I opened my mouth as he poured it in, I coughed but I swallowed it. Next he got us up and took us through the house and out the back door.

There was a building out back and he took us in there. The place was well lit and I could see chains hanging from the ceiling and a bed in the corner. There were several video cameras set up and hanging on the wall I saw whips and other things I'd never seen before. He shoved me on the bed and took Janet over to the chains hanging from the ceiling. He untied her and told her to take her clothes off. She fell to the floor and he brought the rifle up to her head and told her again.

She got up and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and then undid her jeans and let them drop. She was standing Girls night out literotica now in her red bra and panties and he slapped her and said, "Everything!! Janet had a nice chest!

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Her tits are much larger than mine, about a 38c I'd say. The cool air made her nipples stick out. She hooked her hands in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Janet had a shaved pussy!! He took her hands and attached the chains from the ceiling and she hung there on display. He spun her around and touched her tits and her ass, ran his hand over her firm stomach and brushed along her clean shaven pubic mound.

With no warning, he slapped her ass. Then he came over to me and jerked me up off the bed and untied me. I pulled my blouse off and dropped it on the floor and unbuttoned my jeans and let them drop and Girls night out literotica out of them. Remembering what had happened to Janet, I quickly unfastened my bra and pulled my panties down. He was not as impressed with my undies, white cotton. The he noticed the stain from my earlier wetspot. He pushed me over to a chair in front of Janet and tied me to it. He left the building for awhile and I asked Janet what she thought was going to happen to us.

Through teary eyes, she said, "I don't know Robin, but if we cooperate maybe we'll get out of here. I was never transfixed with women's bodies, but I sometimes compared my body to other women's. She looked very athletic hanging there, her 38 tits with just a slight sag and her flat, firm stomach and I couldn't get over her shaved pussy, I always thought everyone kept their pubic hair.

I ended my gaze with her long, tanned, silky smooth legs.

Girls night out literotica

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