Ftb weather controller

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We're about mid-game in our Expert play-through, just having installed our first set of Advanced Solars -- which are happily making scrap helping our Irridium production catch up.

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Unfortunately we started out in a biome that has an inordinate amount of downfall - Mushroom Forest next to Rainforest. So our question is what is the best mid-game tech or magic solution to stopping rain? My friend has progress Witchery enough to have the Coven members to change the Biome in a wide area, but we're unsure what effect this will have on the frequency of Ftb weather controller -- namely say on a server one player is in a Rainy biome and another is in Desert, which determines the frequency for the weather?

For that matter, do the Desert-not-quite-rain states effect the solars? Isn't there a "stop the rain" ritual in Witchery? If so, you might look into that. I believe the Forestry rain tank will collect water when it rains, and will also emit a comparator al when it has fluid in it, so you could use that as a rain sensor of sorts. I don't know how to automate the activation of the ritual, unfortunately; I never got too far into the mod. I know you said aside from DE but honestly the best way i can think of is to slap a Rain Sensor from Draconic Evolution on top the Weather Controller and pump Emeralds.

The best and cheapest option for you to stop rain is a teru teru bozo. One of the simplest things to automate. It will give off a comparator al when there is rain, and when a sunflower is dropped on top of it, the rain will stop in an instant.

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I have mine set up where it detects rain, triggers a dispenser full of bonemeal, pointed into a sunflower, which is picked up by hopperhock, and dropped by open crate directly on to the top of the teru teru bozo! And if you can get a draconic Ftb weather controller sundial, then you are totally set for solar generation. I had a somewhat opposite problem in my last run in FTB Infinity early on. It was before they nerfed the Lightning Rod, so I was using it. Of course, I needed to have lightning on demand, so I looked into the problem. I found the Draconic Evolution Weather Controller the easiest to make and keep going.

The Forestry ones didn't seem bad either, and I had the bees to do it. You could set solar panels in Twilight Forest dimension, which is always evening - best way until you get dimension builder. Found the internet! IE:E - Weather Control?

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Ftb weather controller

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Weather Controller