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The Locust Horde is the main opponent of the humans of the Gears of War universe. During the events of Emergence Daythe Locust were forced to rise from their underground lairs and invade the surface due to a civil war between them and the Imulsion infected Locust. These Locust use emergence holes to get on the surface and fight the only remaining human military force on Serathe COG. Before the sinking of Jacintothe Locust lived in some kind of a religious society and were ruled by Queen Myrrah. Once the humans discovered Imulsion along with its great benefits, and started exploiting it more and more then Locust turned into mindless, uncontrollable Lambent named so because Queen Myrrah called the "disease", "Lambency".

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The Lambent forces soon became too numerous, thus sparking an all out Civil War between the Lambent and the Locust. Unfortunately, the Locust were unable to quell both the infection and its forces, and were quickly pushed above ground during Emergence Dayan event so large it changed the face of Sera within days. In a desperate attempt to kill any Locust, now knocking on the final refuge of Jacintothe human forces tried to flood the Locust Horde's underground lairs called as a whole, the Hollownot knowing about the Lambent.

After the flooding, many of the Locust continued to colonize Sera 's Deadlandseventually becoming disloyal to Queen Myrrah and therefore becoming feral tribes. Drones - The most common species of locust which constitute the majority of Queen Myrrah's army. They are specialized in skirmishing and erupting from emergence holes. Grenadiers - A tougher and more aggressive race of Locust often compared to the Drones. They're lightly armored, very aggressive and tend to get in close and personal with their enemies, killing them with a few shotgun shots.

Bloodmount - A large creature with powerful limbs. Carries a Beastrider on its back that wields either a Hammerburst or Torque Bow. Deadly close up, take them out from afar if possible. Boomer - Bulky, huge, unintelligent Locust that are mainly associated with heavy weaponry, an alternative use of them is butchers, whose strong bodies are able to cut through the near indestructible shell of the Rockworms, a delicacy of Female locust gears of war Locust. Other variation of the boomer are Grinders carry MulchersMaulers carry Boomshields and explosive flailsand Savage Boomers carry Digger Launchers.

Wretches - Small, deafening creatures that tend to attack in s. Kantus - A species of Locust, often over 7 feet tall but thin in nature compared to Drones. These creatures are often seen as the leaders in skirmishes, as they stay back on the battlefield to rally and heal wounded comrades with their high pitched screech. Extremely nimble and tough to kill, they carry Ink Grenades that detonate upon their death and one or two later, as Armored Kantus gorgon pistols.

The scream of Kantus also stuns COG soldiers if they are too close. A Kantus teamed up with other Locust can become a problematic combination as a Kantus' scream heals damage and brings any downed Locust soldier back up.

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Armored Kantus - The Armored Kantus is a tough customer. This version of the Kantus is covered from head to foot with tough, spiked armor. A Torque Bow works the best on them; tag them once and wait for them to recover and scream then pop their he off with another shot. Also, tagging them with a frag grenade will down them in one blow. Keep your distance too, as their forward roll can down anyone in front of it. Berserkers - As the only other females within the Horde, these creatures are large hulking beasts that, due to their poor vision, attack any threat by charging directly at him once he has made a sound.

When close to other creatures they will flail their arms wildly in attempt to strike anything that may be close. The best way to deal with them is the use of the hammer of dawn. Brumaks - Large dinosaur-like creatures that have been caught and trained through pain by the locust drones. They are fitted with a rocket launcher on their backs, two large machine guns and a saddle for the rider. These creatures can absorb copious amounts of ammo and explosives, but their weakness lies in the mechanized rocket launcher pack. The explosion from that will Female locust gears of war lead to the destruction of these creatures.

Corpsers - These are large spider-like creatures with a hard indestructible shell on their legs. The hatchlings are about the size of a puppy and come from eggs layed by a mother that is gargantuan in size. The weakness of the smaller, younger Corpsers is in their soft bodies, which can be exploited by the use of bullets and explosions. The large mothers are vulnerable in their eyes. Reavers - A large creature with many spiderlike legs which has the ability to fly. A very rangy and very quick enemy.

Reavers are often paired with riders. One of the most difficult foes that COG soldiers face.

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Tickers - These creatures are small, quick, beetle like creatures. They are extremely weak and can easily be dispatched with a shotgun blast or two melee hits. Wild Tickers consume ammo and weapons, but when killed fast enough these items are not digested and can be brought back for use.

Grenades can also be consumed, and the explosion can be delivered behind enemy lines. Tickers that have been caught are fitted with a bomb on their backs by locust drones, and no longer consume ammo. Proceed with caution when dispatching these domesticated versions as they will explode when near any human. Queen Myrah - The biggest threat to Humanity's survival. In Gears Of War 3, the Locust are uprooted by the destruction of their underground residence, with the collapsing of Jacinto. They were further pushed upwards by the spreading of the Lambentan infection caused by overexposure to Imulsionthus ing the Stranded as a faction living and fortifying camps around Sera.

These war-torn Locust seem to have scavenged old COG equipment to defend these bases, and adapting them for more defensive purposes, e. Savage Locust no longer have anything to do with the Locust Horde and have thusly reverted to their tribal mindset. Gears of War 3 Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 5 Oct pm. Society and the Lambent Loading. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Developed by Epic Games and available only on XboxGears of War 3 plunges players into a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood that will conclude the current story arc for Gears of War.

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Watch as Hunters go head-to-head in an all-out, adrenaline-fueled battle. Which team will emerge victorious? Use skill and tactics, mix and match Female locust gears of war to find winning strategies, customize your Hunters, and engage in thrilling third-person cross-play battles. Table of Contents.

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