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I'd rather have the adoring fan from oblivion following me around. Not to mention she's one of the worst companions stats-wise in the game and becomes worse after you turn her into a human. She doesn't even give you 2 cures for the Vault disease so you can cure that cunt in the Vault as well as yourself. Her quest doesnt even have any effort put into it. Think about Danse and Blind Betrayal, a quest that actually makes you think, and then look at Curie's bitch ass quest to turn her human. Seriously, fuck Curie, her accent and her quests. Curie is bae. I'd fuck all her synth insides up.

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Idk I guess it's her accent and that people think she's hot? Personally my favorite companion is Dogmeat screw everyone. Dogmeat never says anything to annoy me or complain when I make him carry my crap. I think this was another Bethesda derp in terms of her stat adjustment. The rest, I got nothing. I didn't hate on her character, but yes, stat adjustment and the lack of options does grate my nerves. Just imagine. Set the mood then later on she's whispering some extremely dirty things in your ear in that accent. I know nothing of default curie Looks both in robo form and synth form Why play a game through the limited vision of some development Fallout 4 curie hot when there are mods out there that expand and enhance every facet of the game?

Go mod or I hereby the death warrant of an entire world, and con a million souls to oblivion. May Imperial justice in all balance The Emperor protects. Thought for the day: It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself. Because she's bae. I'm a sucker for french accents even if she's a synth. Something borrowed, something blue. Corvo Couldn't agree more, in my opinion, she's got the most annoying quotes. Also, anytime you refuse to help random people, she starts ranting about how its the "right thing" to do. VenomStingerGaming I'm going to have to disagree with you GreyKnight wrote: Because the waifu is strong in this one.

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I just love how cute and naive she is. Also accents just don't annoy me, as long as I can understand what you're saying anyway. So just use the search function instead. Sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe, because Curie cute, naive and she shoot a funny quotes in some location. And this freakin' french accent Shes cute, naive about the world yet excited to experience it, she enjoys the world for what it is and not for what its not. Shes got a lust for life Fallout 4 curie hot that she has one, and is frankly a nice opposite to the sole survivor who is probably pretty bitter right about now since the war and sean and nora at least in my opinion.

Having the Cute accent aside, I think shes a nice addition to a world thats utterly fucking bleak and sad. Fallout 4's kind of Veronica since Veronica is all happy and bubblyso thats why I like Curie. Shes happy, despite how bleak and depressing the commonwealth is, and so fascinated with her new life as a synth that it brings a smile to my face everytime. For me personally I know that sounds odd, but when I first met her I fell in love with that voice. It was a unique idea and was very pleasant to hear. Then she became my companion and I loved her even more!

There's just a certain charm to her. How naive she is to the world around her.

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My only gripe at the time was I wished she could be romanced. And sure enough Also, it's like someone above me said. She's very optimistic and a bit bubbly which is good to have when traveling in the world of Fallout. To teach someone how to experience the things that made him want to start a family in the first place. What to learn, how to cope, how to love and in the Sole Survivor's case, love again.

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But while Curie's learning these new things that could be overwhelming for her she still pushes through and tries her best to understand and be inspired, she's reminding the Sole Survivor of what kept him going the whole time, the reason he settled down, started a family, pursued his dreams like when Nora became a lawyer, that moments like these with Curie are a constant reminder of the innocence that died in him pre-war is very much alive in her. She may be naive, and annoyingly optimistic but isn't that something the Sole Survivor needs in a companion for a positive morale booster?

Especially, when you're in a world where you see a group of raiders scavenging an innocent civilian's corpse who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and contemplate if you should kill those bastards before they kill and torture anyone else, I think it a good thing to have a person like Curie around to distract yourself from the morbid and cruel place the Common Wealth is.

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I like her optimism. Apart from that, I have Fallout 4 curie hot liked the idea of an AI trying to attain humanity. Curie's story is very compelling, she has been alone for several decades with only herself and her work as company and she's eager to see the world outside. I wish they had given her a way to physically heal the player during battle though, like a real medic. It's her innocence and naivety that does it for me.

She is so optimistic in an otherwise terrible world and she can't really help it. Her French accent also rocks. Lol, I just realised that I've played through F4 about 5 times now and have only recruited her once She is alright but I'd rather have a companion that is either very deadly or is tank, i.

Personally, I prefer going solo since the benefits of the lone wanderer are so great. Info Panel. October Gaming Underground Network :: Fallout :: Discussion. Go to. Subject: wtf does everyone like Curie? Subject: Re: wtf does everyone like Curie? Because the waifu is strong in this one. Tyrant Posts : 11 date : Level : Level? I don't need no stinking level! Proudnoob4 Posts : 49 date : Sponsored content. Similar topics.

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Fallout 4 curie hot

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