Fallout 3 boy or girl

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Do you play as your own gender? Do you like to switch it up? Male, always play male. I don't have any problem with playing as a female, it just doesn't usually occur to me when making a character. Also, girls can't get Confirmed Bachelor, and that perk is fantastic. But then you can't seduce Benny, can you? That was always my favorite thing in the whole game. It provides an interesting but subtle difference.

If you're going to play through the games again, switching gender is recommended.

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Female in fallout 3 for black widow more characters are male than female Male in new vegas for confirmed bachelor for the same reason. If I'm gonna be spending hours looking at an ass, it should be a good one. So yes, I see switch genders. I'm female and always play as a girl, girl power and all that crap.

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Some of the dialogue options you get are great, my partner didn't even know they existed until he watched me play through the games because he always plays a male character. And in Fallout: NV, being able to sweet talk Benny into bed and kill him in his sleep was so unexpected. The Black Widow perk is great.

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I have a tendency to create female characters in any game that gives me the option guy irl. Even on a recent play through of Skyrim I told myself I was going to create a male character and still couldn't bring myself to do it. I think it mostly comes down to body build. I prefer a slender appearance Fallout 3 boy or girl fit "espionage" style play through than big, hulking, minigun-toting type. Most of my WoW characters are female, too, though that more stems from the animation sets being slightly more elegant.

Big strong warrior types are male, female for magic types, and stealth I'll go either way: for rough and tumble type races eg: Bosmer, Night Elves it's male and more tactful ones eg: Khajiit, Gnomes it's female. If I deviate it actually feels a bit uncomfortable. I even tried using a male summoner in Skyrim recently and fell back onto summoned close combat. I swear I'm not sexist, it just feels like a better fit somehow. Maybe I like cliches, which would be unfortunate. Found the internet! Are you a boy or a girl? Posted by 8 years ago.

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Fallout 3 boy or girl

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